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The Freeza Saga Part II
(Episodes 75 - 109)

The Freeza Saga Part II

After the defeat of the Ginyu Force, Freeza goes after the Guru to learn the secrets of the Dragon Balls. But Namek's strongest fighter, Nail, stands in the way.

Freeza is beating Nail senseless when he tells Freeza he's only stalling for time to let Dende deliver the pasword to the earthlings to learn the secrets to the Dragon Balls. Furious, Freeza leaves Nail for dead and begins his long rush back to his ship.

Dende meets up with Krillin and together with Gohan and the Dragon Balls, they set up on a small island within viewing distance of Freeza's ship and summon the Namek dragon, Porunga, , who can only be controlled through the Namekkian language.

They quickly try to have Porunga, the Namekkian Dragon, wish all their friends back, but he can only bring back one life per wish... and they have three wishes and four dead friends.

Via King Kai, Piccolo tells Gohan to wish him back to life first. As a result, Kami will be revived and the Earth Dragon Balls will also come back to life. Piccolo also tells Gohan to make the second wish to transport him to Namek to defend his home planet from Freeza. The last wish they can do with what they want.

By the time those two wishes are granted, Vegita has awaken from his nap and is in a rather unhappy mood. He takes off from the ship toward the gigantic Prounga and procedes to threaten the bunch with certain death if he isn't wished immortal. Dende is just about to grant that wish when Guru dies, leaving the Dragon Balls useless with one wish remaining.

And it just so happens that Freeza arrives at that very instant. He too is infuriated that he won't get his wish for immortality, and his ki raises to unheard levels. Piccolo, who had just been wished to the planet, senses this ki and takes off after it.

As Piccolo tracks Freeza down, he comes across the dying Nail who begs to fuse bodies with him so that together they can defeat Freeza by combining their powers. Piccolo eventually agrees and the two fuse, creating a huge increase in power in Piccolo's body. Quite happy with this, Piccolo rushes off and continues seaking out Freeza

Back on the tiny island, Vegita's infuriated and confused as to why he's not immortal, but is more worried about how they're going to defeat Freeza both without Goku and without Vegita being immortal. Vegita wants to get this whole thing done and over with, so he demands that Freeza transform himself into his stronger form before they will fight him at all. Freeza agrees, and transforms. Vegita's rather amused, because all Frieza did was grow a bit and shatter his battle armor. But Frieza dumps horrible news on him

Freeza had killed Vegita's father without having to highten his ki at all when King Vegita had outlived his usefullness. But Vegita had already learned this news from Dodoria before he was killed, so the news serves no purpose.

A bit miffed that the death of Vegita's father barely caused Prince Vegita to blink, Freeza transforms himself into a horned form and impales Krillin as his first victim, tossing him into a nearby lake to die.

Enraged at Krilin's supposed death, Gohan attacks Freeza head on, managing a rather awesome display that leaves Freeza rather stunned and relatively unwounded. Freeza attacks back, and it's all Gohan can do just to keep on his feet. Watching this, Vegita is amazed an unable to move, marveling at Freeza's awesome power. He watches as Freeza is about to give Gohan the final blow... when Freeza's tail is suddenly severed by Krillin's Kienzan disc. Krillin's alive, thanks to Dende's incredible healing ablilities.

Krillin quickly leads a confused Freeza on a rather funny game of cat and mouse through the Namek landscape as Dende sets to healing the fatally injured Gohan. Gohan, being half Saiyajin, recieves a boost in energy levels and hops back into the fight. But he's STILL no match for Freeza. But not to worry, Piccolo, who's recently fused with Nail, soon arrives on the scene and takes on Freeza himself.

Normally, as Krillin and Gohan point out, Piccolo won't enter a fight unless he knows he can win. They both sense how much stronger Piccolo has become, but ultimately don't understand his action. But after fighting for sometime, it seems that neither side is gaining any ground in the battle.

Both Piccolo and Freeza start to go all out. Piccolo takes off his weighted cloths and Freeza powers up to his second transformation. He launches a sort of machine-gun fire at Piccolo. The other has no hope of dodging the attack and his left wounded and bleeding.

Gohan leaps to his hero's rescue and momentarily overwhelms Freeza. Gohan's last attack prove to be getting too powerful for Freeza's liking, so he transforms into his final form.

Vegita, in the meantime, who has been quietly watching on the sidelines, is amazed at Gohan's sudden power and thinks that the kid may possibly be the legendary Super Saiyajin that Freeza fears so much. In a last-ditched effort to become Super Saiyajin himself, Vegita has Krilin beat him senseless so that Dende can heal him again. Vegita feels that the act will SURELY heighten his power to Super Saiyajin levels.

Krilin finally agrees through much persuasion and beats Vegita stupid, but Dende refuses to heal Vegita since he was responcible for so many Namekkian deaths. Instead he heals Piccolo.

And right about now, Freeza catches on to Dende's true power.

As Piccolo recovers, he tells Dende that they will eventually need Vegita's power, and orders the little Namek to heal Vegita. Reluctantly, Dende does, and an ungrateful Vegita prepares to take on Freeza's final formation.

Freeza now looks realatively non-threatening, being much smaller and more compact than he was during any of his other transformations. But the gang can feel his horible increase in power. And before anyone can react, a single blast from Freeza kills Dende flat, leaving the group both stunned and without another chance for recovery.

Piccolo, Krilin and Gohan take Freeza on all at once, but prove absolutely worthless. Vegita, thinking that he MUST be a Super Saiyajin by now, takes Freeza on by himself with the same outcome. Vegita is beat down to near death by Freeza.

And, just in the nick of time, Goku recovers and makes it to the scene!

Freeza thinks for a moment that Goku is Bardock, a Saiyajin that lead the rebellion against Freeza back on Vegitasei. With a bit of brain-squeezing, Freeza puts two and two together and concludes that Goku is Bardocks son, and quite possibly the legendary Super Saiyajin that Vegita had been blabbering on about during the whole fight.

Vegita, in tears and with his last breath, begs Goku to finish off Freeza to avenge the death of their people.

And Vegita dies.

Goku, moved by the sudden emotion that Vegita had shown, buries him in a shallow grave and promised his Prince that he will make sure Freeza is defeated. Grimly, he turns into the battle and begins releasing enormous amounts of energy at Freeza.

Gohan, Krilin and Piccolo, feeling the outrageous amounts of power that are being tossed around, decide to leave the battle grounds at the moment to a safer local. There, they'll gather back their strength and think up their next move against Freeza.

The battle begins, with each warrior matching the other in power. The energy release between Goku and Freeza is so great that the Namek landscape begins to crack and fissure under the pressure.

Halfway across the galaxy, back at Dr. Breifs workshop at Capsule Corporatin, Chi-Chi is going nuts over rescuing Gohan from Namek (more for the fact that he needs to get home and study). Dr. Breifs is constructing another ship to take another group to Namek.

And back on Namek, Goku's has realized that Freeza is unable to sense his ki when he's out of sight. He uses this to his advantage and attacks, but is still unable to do more than scathe Freeza. For this reason, Freeza declares that he will fight Goku without the use of his hands.

Don't forget about Bulma! Off in a safe corner of Namek, the frog who is really Captain Ginyu, finds Bulma. Happy to have a little friend, Bulma fashions a small translator device and sticks it on the frog. Ginyu-as-the-frog quickly used his Body Change technique and runs off with Bulma's body.

At the fight, Freeza's "I'm gonna kick your butt without using my hands" declaration has not held up very well, and they're soon fighting hand to hand again. Freeza offers Goku to join forces with him. He refuses, of course, and Freeza laughs in his face, saying that even if Goku had powered up to his full potential, Freeza would only have to use 50% of his power to beat him. And Goku believes this.

Back on earth, Chi Chi's ship attempts to lift off, but misfires. So, its back to the drawing board.

Ginyu-as-Bulma arrives on the spot where Gohan, Krilin and Piccolo are, but they all sense that something is not right about Bulma. Ginyu tries to body-switch with Piccolo, but Gohan, figuring out what happened, threw Bulma-as-frog between the two and switches everything back to normal (relatively, for Ginyu).

Up on King Kai's world, the late members of the Ginyu Force arrive and begin causing havok (after their corny display of battle stances and introductions). The Z Teams takes them on easily and boots them off of Kai's planet to fall past Snake Way into the Home for Infinite Loosers.

The battle with Freeza is causing Goku to loose more and more ground. He begins to fashion a huge Genki Dama from the surrounding solar system that will take some time to gather. Piccolo, seeing this, takes Gohan and Krilin's energy and rushes to the battle to fend off Freeza while the Genki Dama grows in power.

Freeza, finally realizing what's going on, tries to break past Piccolo to destroy Goku. Piccolo holds him off long enough for Goku to launch the enormous Genki Dama square at Freeza. The Genki Dama detonates and Freeza is no where in sight.

Rejoycing, the team is about to head back to earth when... you guessed it... a battered Freeza pops out of no where and kills Krilin.

Goku, enraged at the death of his best friend, bursts into the form of a Super Saiyajin. He orders Gohan to find Bulma and take Piccolo back to the ship to head back to earth as Freeza furiously begins another round. Blast after blast from Freeza do little more than mess up Goku's now blonde hair.

Fearing that Goku may actually beat him, Freeza launches a blast at the already damaged Namek core and sets the planet on a self-destruct run. The planet takes a pounding and will hold together for only another five minutes.

Kaiou-sama watches in disbelief on his home planet when Kami-sama contacts him. The earth Dragon Balls have been gathered. Kaiou-sama wants to use the DragonBalls on earth to wish everyone killed by Freeza in the past year back to life. This will in turn cause Guru to be brought back to life lon enough for the last wish from Porunga to be used to transport everyone on Namek safely to Earth, excluding Freeza, of course.

Freeza has launched a powerful attack against Goku, burying him deep into the ground. Gohan, sensing his father is in danger, rushes to the battle scene. Gohan knows he can't defeat Freeza, so he decides to keep him busy until either the planet explodes. Goku comes back into the fight just as Gohan is nearly out of options and the dead are beginning to rise around Namek, including the Senior Elder Guru.

Kai telepathically contact Guru and instructs him how to use his last wish, until Goku interrupts. Goku wants everyone but himself and Freeza wished back to Earth. Goku must make sure that Freeza is on the planet when it explodes.

The wish suceeds and everyone but Goku and Freeza reach earth safely. It's here on Earth that Guru then tells everyone about Goku's sacrifice. Vegita now thinks that he will be the last Saiyajin left alive after Namek explodes, and begins to think about taking over Earth.

Goku and Freeza continue to duke it out on the dying planet. Freeza unleashes an attack that was meant to cut Goku in half, but instead it cuts him in half. Freeza begs Goku to save his life, and in turn, Goku lends Freeza a bit of his energy. But Freeza only uses this energy in a last attempt to try to kill Goku. Goku has no choice but to destroy Freeza and rush to leave the dying planet. Unfortunately, he can't find a working ship, and Namek explodes with Goku still on it.

Back on Earth, Guru passes his legacy and the Dragon Balls on to Muri and passes on. Yamucha, telepathically through Kai, tells Bulma that Goku was on Namek when it exploded. Gohan and Dende realize that the Namek Dragon Balls can wish someone back to life more than once, which means that they can wish Krilin and Goku back to life. But that idea is shot down when Kai tells them that Goku and Krilin would be wished back to life in space where Namek would have been, only to die again.

But Vegita has a good idea. He proposes that they wish the spirits of Goku and Krilin back to life on Earth and THEN resurect them with the second wish, therefore being resurected on earth. So, 120 days later, when the Namek Dragon Balls reactivate, they do just that, using the first two wished to locate and retrieve Goku and Krillin. Krilin is sucessfully relocated, but Porunga can't locate Goku. He's still alive! They all try to use the third wish to bring Goku to earth, but he refuses saying that he'll be back to Earth shortly. Instead, the third wish is used to bring back Yamucha.

And 120 days later, the next two wishes bring back Tenshinhan and Chatzu, with the last wish transporting all the Namekkians, except Piccolo, to a new planet.

With everything back to normal, the Z team prepares to sit around and wait for Goku to come back to earth.

And so begins the Garlic Jr. / Future Trunks Saga

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