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- Welcome to X\S Anime's DBZ Full Episodes -

Well, until either Kaioken goes down, or people just stop hosting DBZ eps, we're only going to offer our eps through FTP. You can download full eps from Kaioken, or search for then on NBCi:

Kaioken - Bringing you the Best in Dragon Ball

NBCi Sharehouse

If the NBCi page confuses you (and believe me, it WILL!) use the following link:

** Ignore the hundreds of MySQL errors and scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter something like dbz or drbz and click "Search". (You can narrow down the fields to search only videos by the pulldown menu beside the search button) **

Or you can log onto our server and take our videos in RA format. BUT!!!!! If you rename them, the videos won't work any more! Stupid Real Player...

Host Address:
User: DBZ
Password: *(use your e-mail address)

* - NOTE: It is your choice to use your e-mail address. We will ONLY use this info to build a list of names to which to send information if the server changes IP addresses in the future. If you don't want us to have your e-mail address, or don't wish to automatically be subscribed to this list (you'll get maybe 1 mail a year), enter something like a@b.c when prompted for a password. Or make up an address like (my personal favorite) I' .

This FTP database remains sole property of HTMS Interlink and X\S Anime. This information will not be distributed to anyone outside HTMS Interlink. nor will it be used for purposes other than those mentioned above.