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Episode 11: The Saiyans, Strongest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 7: Trouble on Arlia

Gohan: For eatting my dino buddy, I'm gonna eat you tail first!

Dino: GAH!

Vegita: Let's waste an episode doing nothing that pertains to the storyline.

Nappa: Sounds like most of the series so far!

Alrians: Die alien scum!

Nappa: Whatever

Vegita: This could be fun.

King Moai: Fight my warriors!

Nappa: Bite me.

Warriors: We suck *die*

Vegita: This is boring. Lets go

Nappa: This ep is getting musshy

Vegita: You're right. Let's toast the planet.

Arlia: *ka-blewie*

Episode 12: Catnap on the Serpentine Road - Goku Takes a Tumble
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 8: Home for Infinite Losers

Piccolo: Training...

Gohan: Eatting... and training too!

Chaotzu: If I give you food will you fall in love with me?

Tenshinhan: Food? WHERE WHERE?? *look look*

Chaotzu: *sweatdrop*

Kuririn: Hiya. Wanna be a useless extra in the upcoming fight scene?

Tenshinhan: Sure. That's about all I do in this series, anyway.

Goku: zzzzzzz

Hell Clouds: *snatch*

Episode 13: Hands Off! King Yama's Secret Fruit"
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 8: Home for Infinite Losers")

Goku: Now where am I?!

Gozu: Welcome to HELL! MWAHAHA!

Mezu: Um... we can't say "hell" in American syndication

Gozu: Fine fine. How 'bout "Home For Infinite Loosers?"

Mezu: Better.

Goku: Uh... excuse me!

Gozu: Battle us!

Mezu: We suck.

Goku: Show me how to get out

Mezu: *chuckle* That way *point*

Enma: What the hell are you doing back HERE?

Goku: CRIPES! Gotta start over again?

Episode 14: Such Sweet Temptation! The Snake Princess' Hospitality
(Corresponds to FUNimation episode 9: Princess Snake's Hospitality)

Kami: Let's start training.

Cast: Yay!

Goku: Lookit. A castle.

Hebi-Hime: Dance with me!

Goku: Martial arts?

Hebi-Hime: No no. Dance, stupid!

Goku: Gotta run. Man, this was a waste of an episode!

Episode 15: Escape from Piccolo! Gohan Summons a Storm
(Corresponds to FUNimation episode 10: Escape from Piccolo!)

Piccolo: Still training...

Gohan: Ok.. now I'm at the ocean. How'd I get here?

Gohan: Oh.. I'm on an island. Let's go sailing!

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