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Episode 16: Run, Gohan! Longing for Mt. Paozu, Where Chichi is Waiting
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 10: Escape From Piccolo

Orphans: It's a dead kid!

Gohan: I'm not dead.

Cops: Look! Delinquent kids!

Orphans: Run away!

Gohan: I'm finally learning to cope without parental supervision.

Piccolo: That's nice. Who cares. Back to training

Episode 17: City of No Tomorrow! The Long Road to Victory
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 11: Showdown in the Past

Piccolo: Still training....

Gohan: This is boring!

Mr. Popo: Time to start training you losers now.

Z Fighters: Yay!

Saiyajins: You guys suck.

Z Fighters: You're right. We suck.

Kami: Good thing those weren't REAL Saiyajins or you'd be dead now.

Z Fighters: Cool

Episode 18: Last Stop on the Serpentine Road! Are you Kaio-sama?
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 12: "The End of Snakeway")

Gohan: Must... kill... Piccolo...

Piccolo: What the...

Spacepod: Kill Piccolo!

Wearape: ROAR!

Piccolo: CRIPES! Tails grow back!

Piccolo: Stupid Spacepod. DIE!

Spacepod: *ka-boom*

Goku: Yay! End of Serpantine Road. Now... Where's Kaiou-sama's place?

Planet: Yoo hoo! Up here!

Goku: Ah ha!

Episode 19: The Battle with Gravity! Catch Bubbles
(Corresponds to FUNimation episode 13: "A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles!")

Goku: Man... this place has strong gravity!

Bubbles: Ooh-ee-ah-oo

Goku: Are you Kaiou-sama?

Kai: No stupid. I am. Tell me a joke.

Goku: Um... why did the chicken cross the road?

Kai: Oh grief. Get to training. Catch Bubbles while I amuse myself with my own antics.

Buubbles: *nneeeeeroooom!*

Goku: Woah! He's fast!

Episode 20: The Return of the Saiyan Legend! Goku's Roots
(Corresponds to FUNimation episode 14: The Legend of the Saiyajins)

Goku: I caught Bubbles!

Bubbles: ...

Goku: What now?

Kai: Take this stupidly huge mallet and whack Gregory over the head with it.

Goku: Sure thing.

Gregory: Eat jet wash, Earthling! *neeeeeerrrooom!*

Kuririn: We're done training! Let's kick butt!

Yamucha: Or let's get OUR butts kicked!

Tenshinhan: YEAH!

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