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Episode 6. Even King Yama is Surprised. The Fight Continues in the Next World
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 4: Goku's Unusual Journey

Goku: I'm alive!

Kami: Nope. You're dead.

Enma: Go train under Kaiou-sama

Goku: Okie doke.

Piccolo: Watch me regenerate parts of my anatomy!

Cast: GROSS!

Piccolo: I'm gonna train Gohan so he's not such a wuss anymore. Any objections?

Cast: .... no ...

Gohan: But... I'm a wuss!

Piccolo: Eat mountain!

Gohan: WAAH!

Gohan: Boom! Pow!

Piccolo: Cool.

Episode 7: Dinosaur Survival! Gohan's Difficult Training
(Corresponds to FUNimatin Ep 4: Goku's Unusual Journey

Piccolo: I'm leaving. Back in 6 months. See ya, Gohan.

Gohan: You're kidding right?

Piccolo: ...

Gohan: GAH! But I'm under-aged and pampered! I need constant supervision.

Goku: Doddly-doo. Man, this Serpentine Road is long.

Bulma: Kuririn. Go tell Chi Chi what happened.

Kuririn: No way. She'll beat me up. I hate getting my ass kicked by girls

Bulma: Go or *I'LL* kick your ass!

Kuririn: Yes ma'am

Gohan: Hn...

Gohan: Yup. I'm still a wuss.

Piccolo: Oh brother.

Episode 8: The Great Transformation on a Moonlit Night! The Secret of Gohan's Power
(Corresponds to FUNimation Episode 5: Gohans's Metamorphosis

Kuririn: I couldn't tell Chi Chi

Bulma: Man, you suck

Yajirobe: Kuririn. Get your butt to Karin Tower for training.

Chi Chi: Where's my son!

Kamesennin: Goku's dead and Piccolo took your son.

Chi Chi: *faint*

Gohan: Wow. The moon is so big!

Wearape: RAR! Destroy. Kill. Maim.

Piccolo: Oh pooey...

Wearape: Crush. Stomp. Pulverize.

Piccolo: AH! The Moon!

Piccolo: Boom!

Moon: *ka-blewie*

Wearape: ???

Piccolo: A little bit of tail amputation... voila!

Episode 9: Sorry, Mr. Robot. The Desert of Vanishing Tears"
(Not shown in US version, or in Shounen Jump Comics)

Gohan: How'd I get to the desert?

Narrator: Who knows. It's just a filler episode

Gohan: Oh. Ok. Hi Mr. Robot!

Robot: Go away.

Gohan: But I'm socially challanged and need constant supervision.

Robot: Fine.

Mountain: *crumble*

Robot: Run Gohan! *fling*

Mountain: *crush*

Gohan: Alone again. That was pointless!

Episode 10: Don't Cry, Gohan! His First Fight
(Corresponds to FUNimation episode 6: Gohan makes a friend)

Yamucha: Lookit me! I'm a baseball player!

Kuririn: Goku's dead.

Bulma: Yamucha. You're a pig!

Kuririn: Let's go train pointlessly to be extras in the upcoming fight scene

Dino1: I'm hurt

Gohan: I'll help you!

Dino2: LUNCH!

Dino1: GAH! I'm dead

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