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The Frieza Saga
(Episodes 37 - 100)

The Freeza Saga
(Featuring the Ginyu Sub-Saga)

Mr. Popo has a spacecraft that Gohan, Krilin and Bulma can use to get to Namek, and offers his assistance. With a bit of reprogramming and a brief lesson in the Namekkian language (which is the only way to drive the ship), Krilin, Gohan and Bulma take off for Namek while Goku recovers in the hospital to follow them later.

So, the trio is happily on their way through the universe on course with Namek. But along the way and after a mishap with another ship, the three are mistaken as henchmen of an intergalactic terrorizing warrior named Freeza who is also after the Namekian Dragon Balls.

And our evil little squirt Vegita has found his way onto a planet. His pod makes planet fall and he is taken by a group of warriors (who wear Saiyajin armor) to their medical tank for recovery.

Back on Earth, Goku is recovering back to his old self.

And quickly back on our planet, Vegita has recovered on Freeza's ship, a rather ugly purpleish alien whom Vegita apparently once worked for . Freeza wants the Dragon Balls to wish himself immortal, and is quite upset with Vegita for attacking earth and bringing about the destruction of the Earth-bound Dragon Balls.

Meanwhile, using a shortcut in hyperspace, Kami's spaceship gets Bulma and the others to Namek a few hours behind Vegita. Krilin and Gohan have enlisted the help of two natives, Raichi and Zarkuro to help them find the Dragon Balls. But they soon realize that Raichi and Zarkuro have been putting on the illusion that they had almost found all the Dragon Balls. They turn into huge, red beasts. The aliens explain that they crashlanded on this planet (which now obviously is NOT Namek) after their planet was deemed useless. They were going to steal Bulma's ship, but the same spacial rip that caused their planet to die appeared shortly after everyone had landed. The Dragon Ball search was just an illusion they extracted from Bulma's mind to keep them busy until the two beasts could steal the ship. Krilin and Gohan are trapped by some sea creatures, leaving Bulma to save the day.

The two thieves go back to the ship... but they didn't bother to probe Bulma's mind for the word command that would open the ship. Gohan and Krilin get free in time to beat down the theives and they take off from the planet with Bulma, avoiding the spacial rip. Off to Namek they go.

Back on earth, it has been almost a month since Gohan and the others left for Namek, and Goku is STILL recovering.. and STILL trying to sneak away from Chichi to go to Namek.

34 days into the trip, Bulma's ship sets down on the real Namek, much to everyone's relief. She picks up all seven of Namek's Dragon Balls on the Radar, but Gohan and Krilin sense evil energies in the distance, around the same time that they see Vegita's pod make planetfall. Krilin decides that they should stay on the planet and risk getting the Dragon Balls before Vegita can, and Bulma will call to Earth to get Goku out of the hospital and on his way to Namek.

And another Saiyajin ship makes planet fall, Cui's pod. Freeza and his men have already found four of the seven Dragon Balls. One of Frieza's guards, Zarbon, had sensed Krilin and Gohan before they masked their Ki and has sent a scout troop after them while Kewie goes after Vegita, whom he thinks has gone traitor.

Zarbon's scouts have found Krilin and Gohan just as Bulma was getting ready to head back to Earth to get Goku. The two scouts blast a hole in the ship to keep Bulma from leaving and a short battle ensues, where Krilin and Gohan easily defeat the two scouts.

But the damage too the ship is to extensive and will take a long time to fix. So, Bulma and the others are now stranded on the Freeza-infested Namek for the duration of the repairs.

Cui finds Vegita, who is much stronger than he first thought. Freeza, who's been monitoring the various battles and what-nots through the scouters, decides that Vegita wants the Dragon Balls so that he can take over Freeza's throne. Vegita realizes that Freeza is obviously monitoring, and decides that if he can find and hide one Dragon Ball, he can prevent Freeza from making his wish for imortality.

Freeza and his henchman take off for the Namekian villages in search of more Dragon Balls, flying right over Krilin and the others.

On earth, Master Roshi relays Bulma's message to Goku about the Ki readings that were stronger than Vegita's. Yajirobe arrives with a crop of Senzu Beans to restore Goku's power. Goku is good as new, and prepares to head off to Namek via a ship that Bulma's dad had made for him. He can train in the ship by adjusting the gravity while he's on his way to Namek. Bulma's dad says that it will only take Goku a week to reach Namek with his modifications to Goku's old pod.

Back on the other side of the galaxy, Krilin, Gohan and Bulma come across a Namekian village where Freeza and his henchmen are storing their Dragon Balls. Freeza wants the Dragon Ball of that village and begins shouting threats before killing the village elders. He threatens to kill the children if the Dragon Ball is not given to him.

Gohan, who was watching this from the cliffs, thinks that Vegita and Freeza aren't working together, and becomes enraged at Freeza's treatment of the villagers. Several Namekians arrive and try to fend off Freeza's men.

Eventually, Freeza's henchmen beat down the villagers and gets the DragonBall, threatening a small child with death if they're not told where the other DragonBalls are. Gohan and Krilin rush in, save the kid, Dende, and quickly hide since they're no match for Freeza's men. Dodoria, one of Freeza's men, is sent after Gohan and Krilin, but he never finds them. Instead, he's blindsided by Vegita who wants to pick him off. Dodoria, begging for his life, tells Vegita that his homeplanet, Vegitasei, was destroyed by Freeza and not meteoric collisions. Vegita finishes him off anyway.

Meanwhile, in space, Goku's on his way to Namek after being thrown off course slightly by a collision with an asteroid.

Vegita's attacking another village in order to get the 6th Dragon Ball. Dende and Krilin rush to the last village where the Senior Elder, Guru, holds the last Dragon Ball and the password needed to summon the Great Dragon from them.

Back in Heaven, Piccolo and the others have arrived at King Kai's for training when King Kai telepathically warns Goku that the strong energy on Namek must be Freeza. He warns Goku to avoid Freeza at all costs. Piccolo and the others start the same tests that Goku had to do: Telling Kai a joke, and catching both Bubbles and Gregory. Piccolo however refuses the tests and jumps right into sparing.

Back on Namek, Vegita finds Zarbon, another henchman, and battles him. But Zarbon's alter ego is stronger than Vegita can handle, and Vegita is thrown to the bottom of a nearby lake. But Freeza stops the fight before Vegita can be killed. He thinks that Vegita has hidden one of the Dragon Balls and wants Vegita to tell him where it is. But Vegita is quite beat up after Zarbon nearly killed him, so Freeza puts him into one of their Medicine Machines so that he can recover.

Krilin and Dende recieve the last Dragon Ball from Guru and have their strength released. Krilin rushes back to where Gohan is hiding so that he too can have his true strength released. But Gohan has taken off after Bulma's Dragon Radar finds the Ball that Vegita has hidden.

Meanwhile, at Freeza's ship, Vegita recovers quickly and takes off with all five of Freeza's Dragon Balls. He was in the process of hiding them when he sees Krilin flying overhead with the 7th. Vegita gives chase, picking up the attention of Zarbon who ALSO gives chase. Krilin, still unaware, leads them right to where Bulma is hiding, and Vegita and Zarbon get into another battle to the end, trapping Bulma and Krilin. But, as Saiyajin physiology goes, Vegita's near-death experiance has strengthened him considerably, and easily defeats Zarbon. Krilin is left with no other choice but to give Vegita the 7th Dragon Ball.

And right about now, Freeza's special corps, the Ginyu Force, is on it's way to Namek.

Vegita, thinking he has all seven Dragon Balls overlooks Gohan when the two pass, and heads back to the lake where he had hidden the other Dragon Ball.

Gohan meets back up with Krillin and Bulma. Leaving Vegita's Dragon Ball with her, they head off back to Guru's, about the same time that Vegita realizes that Gohan must have taken the 6th Dragon Ball from it's hiding spot. He has no choice but to stay and guard his 6 for the time being.

After a small mishap with Bulma's Dragon Ball and almost getting caught by Freeza's men, Bulma finds a new hiding spot.

Vegita follows Krilin and Gohan to the Guru's, mistaking Gohan's released power for Kakarroto (Goku). But they're interrupted when Dende senses the Ginyu force coming down to the surface of Namek. The Forces land, and they along with Freeza, go after Vegita.

And so begins The Ginyu Sub-Saga

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