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The Garlic Jr. / Future Trunks Saga
(Episodes 110 - 125)

Part One: The Garlic Jr. Saga, Eps 110-117
Life has settles down a bit on earth. The Z team is resting and Krilin has become involved with a girl names Marron (who looks like a ditzy version of bulma)

Everyone seems to be taking it easy. That is, until Garlic Jr. appears in Kami-sama's lookout. Garlic Jr's father Garlic was sealed in the Dead Zone by Gohan way back in Movie One, and now he's back for revenge. He wants to take over Kami's position and rule over the Earth. Garlic Jr., along with his underlings, seal Mr. Popo and Kami in a bottle and release a zombifying mist over the earth changing the inhabitants into Garlic's Zombie slaves. Everyone at the Kame house except Krilin, Marron and Gohan and his pet dragon Haiya turn suddenly into zombies and attack.

Back at Kami's palace, Garlic Jr. uses the earth Dragon Balls to wish himself back to Earth, he begins to plot to rule over Earth just at Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin arrive on scene. With the Dead Zone's Makyosei high overhead, Garlic's powers are released and he becomes emmense. The possesed Z fighters, namely Yamucha, are sent against the three. Piccolo tries to hold off Yamucha and ends up getting bitten.

Piccolo is taken to Karin Tower to join Garlic's team as Gohan and Krillin take Marron and Yajirobe to safety. Upon reaching Kami's lookout, Krillin and Gohan find Piccolo waiting for them with Garlic's men. He turns evil and attacks Gohan and Krillin. Krillin, trying to protect Gohan is bitten by Piccolo and also turns into a zombie.

Through all of this, Vegita has left the planet in search of Goku's ki, unaware of the situation. He tracks Goku's ki to a deserted planet that had been blown to pieces by a great ki that Vegita is CERTAIN was Goku. He becomes enraged

Krillin, now under Piccolo's control, joins in the fight against Gohan. But suddenly they turn and break the bottle that was holding Mr. Popo and Kami! Piccolo was never turned with Yamucha's bite because of Piccolo's Namekian blood.

Kami and Popo quickly decend into the depths of the Palace with the Ultra Holy Water that will cure the people of Garlic's Zombie mist. But they must get the Water to the main air current, the Shinsenkai, located past the graves of the ancient Kami's that rulled before Kami-sama. The ancient kami's attack Popo and Kami-sama. And because Kami and Piccolo are linked, Piccolo too feels the attacks, which hinder his fight with Garlic.

Gohan lands an awesome shot on Garlic, punching a hole clear through his stomach. But, previously, before being sealed in the Dead Zone, Garlic had wished for immortality, so the attack has proven useless.

While Kami keeps the ancients busy, Mr. Popo sneaks by and poors the Ultra Holy Water into the Shinsenkai before morning hits. The water clears the zombie mist and everyone returns to normal. Popo makes it back to Kami, and the two escape.

Garlic has seen all this happen and is now infuriated. he opens the Dead Zone, intending to suck the Heavenly Palace into it. Krillin and Piccolo rush off to hold down Garlic, leaving Gohan with the task of destroying the Makyousei. He launches a blast which obliterates the Makyousei, leaving Garlic powerless to be sucked back into his own Dead Zone.

And there's peace on Earth... again.

Part Two: Future Trunks Saga, Eps 118-125

Krillin and the flirty Marron are planning a wedding, but Krillin isn't sure whether or not he's good enough to marry Marron. The old Tortoise tells Krillin about a huge Pearl that Krillin could give Marron as a wedding present. The two go off to try to gather the pearl, but it's guarded as a sacred treasure by a huge group of fish. So, feeling that Marron would not really be moved by the present, he decides to give up on Marron and they go their seperate ways.

Vegita has come back to earth empty handed and just on the brink of becoming a Super Saiyajin. He agrees to stay with Bulma at Capsule Corporation until Goku gets back.

Meanwhile, it's been a year since Freeza's death and Goku's disappearance. ChiChi has hired a tutor for Gohan, who turns out to bad mouth both Goku and Chi Chi. So ChiChi boots the tutor and leaves Gohan to study on his own. Gohan is just getting into his studies when he senses an enormous ki. It's Freeza!

He races off towards Freeza's ki to find the Z team, minus Goku, there as well just as a large spaceship is landing. Freeza and his father, King Cold emerge. What was left of Freeza after Namek's destruction was rescued by Cold's ship, and implanted into a cyborg body. Wanting revenge, Freeza intends to destroy the earth as a "Welcome Home" present for Goku, and dispatches his footsoldiers to do just that.

But, from out of nowhere, a loan boy appears and takes out the attack with a single swipe from his sword. Goku is still several hours away, so the boy intends to finish the job Goku was SUPPOSED to have finished.

The young boy tells Freeza that there is more than one Super Saiyajin in the universe, and much to Freeza's horror, transforms into a Super Saiyajin. He easily defeats the rest of Freeza's goons.

A horrified and utterly pissed off Freeza attacks the boy with ten times the strength he used to destroy Namek. But the boy easily catches and avoids the blast, even after Freeza turned the blast into so much napalm.

The Super Saiyajin attacks and slices Freeza easily into hundreds of pieces, frying the remains just to make sure he can't be reassembled.

King Cold tries to pursuade the boy to join him at his side, and somehow talks the boy out of his sword. Cold tries to use the sword against the boy, but it won't seem to harm the young Saiyajin, and the boy blasts King Cold in the chest and utterly destroys him.

With the sudden defeat of both huge powers, the Z team is left stupified at the display, Vegita angry and confused with the fact that there can't possibly be any more Saiyajin left in the galaxy, let alone a SUPER Saiyajin!

The boy powers down and tells the others that Goku will arive in three hours in a position not far from here. He flies off, pleased when the rest of the fighters follow him, more curious than anything. They all meet and wait reluctantly with the mysterious boy who refuses to tell them anything about himself or where he comes from... or how he knows Goku, for that matter.

But sure enough, 3 hours later, Goku arrives. He's met with cheers and smiles, but Goku doesn't know who the mysterious young boy is.

The boy wishes to speak privately with Goku, and the two fly off together. Before he will tell Goku anything, the boy tests Goku's strengths and abilities by briefly attacking him with the same technique that turned Freeza into mincemeat. After Goku calmly blocks the attack (with his finger, no less) the boy is glad to tell everything to Goku.

His name is Trunks and he's Vegita's oldest child, and he comes from 20 years in the future where everyone, including Goku, is dead. Trunks' time is overrun by Artificial Humans (The Jinzou Ningen), due to two distinct facts:

1. Goku's reluctance to kill Freeza has made the boy come to the past to beat Freeza

2. Goku's reluctance to kill Dr. Gero, the creator of the Jinzou Ningens, has released a horror of robots onto the world that kills everyone except Bulma. His mother.

Goku dies of an incureable heart disease shortly before the Jinzou Ningen appear on earth, leaving everyone else to fight them. All parish except for Gohan, who survives long enough to train Trunks before being killed by the Jinzou Ningen.

But that heart disease is curable in Trunk's time, so he gives the medicine to Goku and asks that he not tell anyone his story, especially Vegita and Bulma... because he may not be born if the two don't find each other on their own.

The two join back with the Z fighters. Piccolo, who's ears are quite strong, overheard the entire conversation and relays the just of the story to the team, minus the parts that could jeapordize Trunks' future.

Everyone seems to relax a bit. They all want to know how Goku escaped Namek and why it took him so long to make it back to Earth.

Seconds before Namek was to blow, Goku found the Ginyu Force's ship and took off in that to crashland on a nearby planet called Yardratto. There, he received medical attention and learned a new technique: Instant Teleportation. This new technique allows Goku to travel instantly across any distance just by visualizing it

Everyone goes off to train as Trunks heads back to the future. Piccolo goes with Gohan and Goku and Vegita has Dr. Briefs build him a gravity machine to train in (which he ends up blowing up once).

And there's a rather hilarious filler episode where ChiChi, who's almost eatten by a wild boar while walking home with groceries, orders Goku to get a drivers liscence. Piccolo, caught in the middle of Chi Chi's fury, also attempts to get a drivers liscence. The two do little more than drive like maniacs and blow up a few air cars to waste an episode.

And so begins The Jinzou-Ningen (Artificial Humans) Saga

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