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The Ginyu Sub-Saga
(Episodes 62 - 74)

The Ginyu Sub-Saga

The Ginyu Special Corps crash-land on Namek rather ungracefully for the Ginyu's. The Forces proceed to introduce themselves... and by the Gods are they hilarious! After a rather tacky battle-stance display and introductory dibble that leaves Freeza speechless, Freeza brings them all up to speed on the current situation. Freeza is given a special advanced scouter (to replace the one the Eldar broke), and the team sets out to track down Vegita and the Dragon Balls.

Vegita has temporarily joined forces with Gohan and Krilin, threatening with certain death if they don't have him wished immortal when the Dragon is called. Gohan and Krilin don't really like the idea, but at this time, what can they do? Goku hasn't landed on the planet yet, and it's being overrun with Freeza and the Ginyu Force. So they all head off to get Vegita's remaining Dragon Balls.

But, lo and behold, the Ginyu Force shows up and takes the last two balls from Krillin. Gohan and Krillin attack with their newly-released ki. this takes Ghurd completely by surprise as the two attack, and he stops time in order to escape with his hide intact. He uses the pause to gather a blast to aim at the two. But when Ghurd un-freazes time, Krilin and Gohan move too fast for his aim. He tries this technique again and again, failing each time.

Ghurd's last technique is paralysis, which he used to render Krillin unable to move. While Krillin is paralyzed, Ghurd rips a tree from the ground, fashions it into a spear and sends it after Krillin.

Just seconds before impacting the helpless Krillin, Vegita flies in and cuts Ghurd's head off, releasing the paralysis and allowing Krillin to escape. The death of Ghurd, of course, infuriates the Ginyu Force. They're now one man down and can't perform their corny "Fighting Pose" display. Jiisu and Burtta play Janken (Rock-paper-sissors) to decide who gets to kill the Earthlings next.

Racoom is up next, introducing himself in an even MORE corny ballet-like introduction. Vegita, probably more annoyed then bored, launches against Racoom, but barely scathes him with his first ki blast. Racoom attacks and seems to be pummeling Vegita flat. He's about to end the fight with the Racoom Eraser Gun (which is a ki blast from his mouth) when Gohan pulls Vegita from the enery blasts' flight path just in time. Krillin attacks Racoom's head, closing his mouth and causing the blast to explode in his mouth, leaving the Ginyu member tooth-less.

As all this is going on, Goku is two minutes from planetfall.

Freeza now has all 7 of Namek's Dragon Balls, but has no idea how to get them to work. He takes off towards the Senior Eldar to beat the solution out of him.

Meanwhile, Gohan has gone up against Racoom and has proven usless. Racoom breaks Gohan's neck and leaves him dying just as Goku makes planetfall. Goku makes it to the battle scene and gives the three remaining Senzu beans to Krillin, Gohan and Vegita. At his request, Goku calmly goes up against Racoom and takes him out in one single blast.

Vegita's utterly amazed and wonders if Goku has become a mythical Super Saiyan that only occurs once in 1000 years.

Utterly upset and horrified, Jiisu and Butta both attack Goku head on, but nether can lay a hand on him, and they don't know why. Goku's energy levels are not that high. But, Goku, when he attacks, is able to raise and lower his Ki so quickly that Scouters are unable to register the change.

Goku defeats Butta with a single blow, allowing Jiisu to escape with his life. Instead of fleeing the planet, Jiisu runs off and gets the captain of the Forces, Ginyu himself, and returns with Captain Ginyu to face Goku.

As Goku takes on Ginyu, Krillin and Gohan go to get the Dragon Balls, and Vegita also exits the scene. Goku shows Ginyu his full power upon request, which starts to really worry Ginyu. He doesn't think he'll be able to defeat Goku.

Gohan and Krillin arrive at Bulma's hiding spot, but finds that she's taken the Dragon Radar and gone after the Dragon Balls herself. So, they have little choice but to run off in search of her.

And elsewhere, Freeza has made it to the Senior Eldar's village and is confronted by Nails, the strongest fighter on Namek and body guard to the Guru. Freeza easily takes out the other Namekkian fighters before challanging Nails.

Bulma is heading straight for the locale where the Radar says the Dragon Balls are gathered... but she's being chased by a huge dinosaur! Krillin and Gohan swoop down in time to save her hind-end. They leave her in another hiding place, take the Radar and go out to get the Dragon Balls themselves.

Meanwhile, the battle against Ginyu rages on. For some reason, Ginyu is letting Goku kick his butt severly. After Ginyu's body is nearly useless, he uses his Body change technique and transplants himself into Goku's body, leaving Goku helpess in Ginyu's old body.

Ginyu, now in Goku's body, and Jiisu, begin to head back to Freeza's ship to retrieve the burried Dragon Balls. But little do they know that Krillin and Gohan have already located and unearthed the hidden Dragon Balls. They try to call the Shen Long but can't speak Namek, and so, they can't summon the dragon. Vegita, watching from the shadows, sees everything.

Jiisu and Ginyu-as-Goku arrives. Krillin, thinking Goku has gotten Jiisu to switch sides immediately spills the whole ordeal about the Dragon Balls not working without the Namekkian incantations. Ginyu attacks, Gohan realizing quickly that the form before him is NOT his father. Goku-as-Ginyu manages to stumble to the scene in Ginyu's battered body. But just as Goku can't use the full power of Ginyu's body, Ginyu also can't use all of Goku's energy. Gohan and Krillin team up on Ginyu. Jiisu is about to jump to his Captain's side when Vegita comes out of hiding, cuts him off at the pass and beats the crap out of him.

The trio of Krillin, Goku-as-Ginyu and Gohan have been able to keep Ginyu at bay. Vegita joins the attack and takes the glory. But, again, Ginyu ... seeing the strength Vegita has... lets Vegita beat him sensless and tries the Body Change technique to get into Vegita's body. But Goku gets in the way, and the two are sent back to their original forms.

Again, Vegita easily beats on Ginyu untill the other is just about useless, and again Ginyu tries the Body Change attack. But, the injured Goku throws a Namekkian frog in the path of the blast, and Ginyu's transported to the body of a frog and vice versa!

Ginyu's body hops off and Vegita lets Ginyu-as-the-frog hop off (after a brief round of "Frog Stomping" from Vegita). He takes them all back to Freeza's ship, deciding that he needs allies against Freeza. He gives Krillin and Gohan Saiyajin armor gear and puts Goku in the recovery pod. Krillin heads off towards the Guru to learn the password for the Dragon Balls and Gohan guards the ship as Vegita naps.

And now, the Freeza Saga Continues Freeza Saga Part 2.

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