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- The Horrors of English-Dubbed DBZ-

Sometimes I think the English translators take TOO MANY leasures when translating DBZ into English. This page will display all those horrible jokes and lame attempts to bring Dragon Ball Z into the current teen vocabulary

Episode 120 Another Super Saiyan
Episode 120 Freeza decisively Defeated by Another Super Saiyajin

"What's a "Goku"?"
      - King Kold to Freeza

"Hey. Maybe it would help us to relax a little if we all sing a song."
"Shut up! You haven't had one useful thing to say since you got here!"
      - Bulma & Vegita

Episode 121 Goku's Return
Episode 121 Hiya! It's Been a Long Time.The Return of Goku

"I'm beginning to like this guy! He has root beer!
      - Bulma about the Capsule Corp refrigerator Trunks pulls out

"Is his shoe size a secret too?
      - Yamucha about Trunk's secrecy.

"Yeah, I'll bet he has a secret spy decoder ring too!
      - Tenshinhan about Trunk's secrecy

"Why do you keep looking over here? Haven't you ever seen a pink shirt before?"
      - Vegita when Trunks keeps looking at him

Episode 122 Mystery Reveiled
Episode 122 My Father is Vegita... the Mysterious Youth's Confession

"At least they're not fighting anymore."
"Yeah. And your dad put away his finger."
      - Gohan & Kuririn about Trunks and Goku's fight

"Wow! It's purple too! I'll bet it's grape flavored."
      - Goku about the heart medicine Trunks gives him

Episode 123 Goku's Special Technique
Episode 123 Goku's Special Technique - Instantaneous Movement

"What a dweeb!"
      - Bulma (about every other line from here on out)

"Easy, Gohan. You're crampin' ma' style."
      - Kuririn

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