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Episode 1. Goku's son. I'm Gohan!
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 1: The Arrival of Raditz)

opening: This looks like it may be a good, wholesome anime...

Narrator: 5 years later. Get ready for 291 Episodes of pure violence!

Audience: YAY!

Spaceship: Zoom! Neeroom!

Chi Chi: Goku! Get your son and get your butt to Kame-sennin's house!

Goku: Yes dear.

Farmer: Doodly-doo.

Spaceship: Crash!

Alien: Boo! Did I scare you?

Farmer: Die!

Alien: Die!

Raditz: You're not Kakarotto. I'm gonna kick your butt!

Piccolo: Bite me.

Raditz: Maybe later. Gotta go.

Piccolo: Okay bye.

Episode 2: The strongest warrior in histroy is Goku's brother
Corresponds to FUNimation Ep1: The Arrival of Raditz

Raditz: Kakarotto. I'm gonna kick your butt!

Goku: Hi guys!

Kame-sennin: Goku. You're a man now, but still talk like a 5-year old.

Kuririn: Nice kid.

Goku: He's my son.

Cast: ???

Raditz: Kakarotto. I am your father.. er.. brother. Join me or die!

Goku: Go to hell.

Raditz: Ok. But I'm taking your son with me.

Gohan: Waaah! I'm a wuss!

Episode 3: Let's do it! The strongest Combination on Earth!
Corresponds to FUNimation Episode 2: The World's Strongest Team

Raditz: Last chance. Join me or die.

Goku: Buzz off, jerk.

Gohan: I'm a wuss!

Goku: I will defeat you!

Piccolo: Yeah, I'll help and maybe take over the world too!

Raditz: Yeah? Well the other Saijajin's will kick YOUR butts too!

Episode 4: Piccolo's last Trick. Gohan's a Crybaby
Corresponds to FUNimation Episode 3: Gohan's hidden powers

Piccolo: Dude... we suck.

Goku: Yeah, I know.

Episode 5: Goku Dies! A last chance for Survival

Gohan: Don't hurt my daddy, jerk!

Gohan: Pow!

Raditz's Armor: *crack*

Goku: ???

Raditz: Owie. Die kid.

Goku: I'll hold him . You kill us both.

Piccolo: Ok! DIE!

Piccolo: *Boom*

Raditz: Owie.

Goku: I'm dead

Raditz: Yeah. Me too.

Saiyajin 1: Raditz sucks. Lets go to Earth and kick butt.

Saiyajin 2: Let's wish for immortality!

Saiyajin 1: Cool.

Saiyajin 2: Let's go to earth and breed Super Saiyajins!

Saiyajin 1: Even better.



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