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Episode 21: Come Forth Shen Long! The Saiyans Finally Arrive on Earth
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 15: A Black Day for Earth

Saiyajins: Knock Knock! We're early!

Cast: RUN AWAY!!

Kuririn: No worries. Goku's on his way.

Kai: Um, or not. I forgot that Goku has to run back DOWN the Serpantine Road.

Cast: WHAT!!?

Goku: Oh great... I smell another filler episode.

Kai: This surprises you?

Goku: Anyway, Yo, Kame-sennin! Get the Dragon Balls and wish me back to life!

Kame-sennin: Sure thing, kiddo.

Goku's Halo: *dink!*

Goku: Yay! Okie, off to run along the Serpantine Road... Again...

Episode 22: Inbelievable! Saibamen, Born of the Soil
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 16: "The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You?")

Vegita: We're on Earth.

Nappa: Oh PLEEEEEEASE can I cause some havok???

Vegita: Go for it.

Nappa: Yippie-doodles!

Nappa: DIE!

Town: *ka-blewie*

Vegita: Yo, idiot. What if one of the Dragon Balls was in that city?

Nappa: Oops.

Vegita: Oh well, there's some high power-readings over there *point point*

Gohan: WAH! Saiyajins! I'm suddenly a wuss again!

Piccolo: Oh boy...

Kuririn: Hi hi! Let's fight!

Nappa: Hey you green thing. You're from Namek!

Piccolo: I'm... an alien?

Audience: *sweatdrop* No duh!

Kami: We're aliens. And I made the Dragon Balls. Back to the story!

Nappa: Watch me grow little green Martians!

Saibamen: BLAH!!

Episode 23: Yamucha Dies! The Terror of the Saibaimen
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 17: "The Saibamen Strike")

Tenshinhan:: Howdy! Can we join in the fun?

Chaotsu: Lookit! Little green men. How cute.

Yamucha: I hate green

Vegita: Let's play a little game

Tenshinhan: Goody! I like games!

Vegita: *sweatdrop* Uh... ok, you guys fight the Saibamen one-on-one.

Tenshinhan: Cool. Me first!

Saibamen1: Blah!

Tenshinhan: DIE!

Saibamen1: *ka-blewie*

Kuririn: This is easy! Me next!

Yamucha: Beat it, shrimp. You've been dead once and can't be wished back by the Dragon Balls.

Kuririn: Dang...

Yamucha: DIE!

Saibamen2: Owie!

Yamucha: *victory dance* Lookit me! I'm so good...

Saibamen2: Tee hee... kamikaze attack!

Yamucha: *Ka-blewie*

Kuririn: RAAAAAR!! Now I'm mad!

Episode 24: Farewell Ten-san! Chaotzu's Suicide Strategy
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 18: "Nappa... The Invincible?")

Bulma: WAAAH! Yamucha's dead!

Kame-sennin: We can wish him back with the Dragon Balls. Now, let's watch TV

Kuririn: *Ka-boom!*

Saibamen: *ka-blewie*

Saibamen6: Yummy. Wuss-like Earthling. YUM!

Gohan: WAH!! I'm a wuss!

Piccolo: Gotta save your hide AGAIN? Die green thing!

Saibamen6: *ka-blewie*

Nappa: This is boring. Can I kill them all, pretty-please?

Vegita: Go for it.

Nappa: Yippie! Die three-eyed freak!

Tenshinhan: Ah, my arm!

Chaotsu: I'll cling to his back and self destruct! *ka-blewie*

Nappa: ?? Was that supposed to hurt?

Chaotsu: That sucked. I'm dead...

Goku: Gah! Why couldn't I have borrowed Kai's car and DRIVEN back to Earth?

Episode 25: Tenshinhan Cries Out! This is My Last Kikoho
(Corresponds to FUNimation's Ep 19: "Tien Goes All Out")

Tenshinhan: Wah!! You killed my little buddy! DIE!

Piccolo: Gohan, Kuririn. Let's team up. Ready? GO!

Kuririn: RAR! Die pig!

Gohan: Oh no... still a wuss...

Tenshinhan: Kikoho!

Nappa: *laugh* You guys suck!

Tenshinhan: I'm dead...

Vegita: *yawn* Ok. 3-hour truce to see if Kakarotto can get his butt here & pose a challange.

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