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- by Korogi

"A curse shall light upon the limbs of men.
Domestic Fury and fierce civil strife
Shall 'cumber all parts of (the World).
Blood and destruction shall be so in-use,
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quartered with the hands of war."

                    - Marcus Antony from Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'

   The Chief of Police brought his hand down roughly on the sticky white web that blocked the
corridor.  "You have got to be kidding me!!" he yelled.  "Have you been drinking on the job,
   "No sir!  I swear he looked like Long John Silver in a purple metal spider costume!!"
   The Chief blew air out his nose quickly.  "Fine, whatever.  Where's that idiot with the blow

   "Kayura, you've always been overconfident," Sarjenka mused, circling behind the two Ronin's
to put them between her and Kayura.  She eyed Cye one last time.  "I don't know why you
betrayed our Master and joined with them," she gestured to Rowen and Cye.  She eyed the
Warlords, her eyes demanding the same question.  "Bunch of traitors."
   Rowen stepped forward.  "If you're so confident, why are you hiding behind us?"
   "Begon, Child of air, I have no use for you anymore." She waved a hand back and Rowen
sailed through the air, crashing into the concrete wall on the opposite end of the prison confines.
   "Rowen!!" Kayura yelled.  All eyes snapped to check on Rowen, and Sarjenka found her
opening.  She tackled Cye to the ground before anyone knew what happened and her short sai
began to strip the armor from him like peeling an orange.
   Cye let out a cry of pain, drawing everyone's attention back to him.
   "Sarjenka!!" Kayura yelled and took to the air.  Sarjenka reeled back from Cye, having peeled
half his armor off just as Kayura landed over him.  The pealed pieces of armor dissolved into mist
and twirled by Sarjenka's side.
   "Snake Fang Strike!!" Sekmet rallied his cry, rushing forward with his six arms and swords.
   With a jerk of a handful of red hair, Sarjenka brought Mia sprawling in front of her as she
grabbed the girl by the hair.
   Sekmet dodged Mia, barely missing her with his katana's.  Sarjenka threw Mia at the Warlord,
knowing his poisoned armor would kill her if he touched her.
   He quickly banished his armor and caught Mia by the shoulders.
   Sarjenka was chanting quickly, moving her sai in a rhythmic pattern, causing what was left of
Torrent to glow an eerie blue.  It shattered suddenly and painlessly and joined with her armor,
and she suddenly became armored in a brilliant white armor carrying the Wildfire symbol.
   Sarjenka now wore Hariel's Inferno Armor.
   She wasted no time, summoning the Fervor Soul Swords and joining them at the hilt.  "Armor
of the Inferno!!" she yelled.
   "Everyone down!  NOW!!" Mia yelled.

    "It's about time!" yelled the chief as one of the deputies found a torch.  "Light it up and 
let's get moving!!"
   "Yessir."  The deputy drew a striker up and lit the torch, it quietly roared into a blue flame. 
The roaring of the oxyacetylene torch began to grow, dancing wildly.
   "Get that thing under control before you burn the place down!!"
   The sound of a flash-fire roared through the prison cell.  The Chief looked over to the deputy
just as the sticky web exploded in a raging fire that rushed through the cells and corridors,
burning and melting everything in it's path.

   Ryo's eyes popped wide open and he pushed himself painfully up on his hands.  Fire belched
from all the windows of the prison before him, sending a choking, black smoke up into the sky. 
He reached for the car door handle and pushed himself out of the car.  A humid heat struck him,
making his skin ache with fire ... something to which he was normally immune.
   But he continued forward, keeping an eye on the flaming stone structure.  Out of one of the
windows shot a streak of white against the graying sky, and it came to rest yards from his
   "The Inferno Armor!!" he gasped.
   The White Armor began to walk towards him, and Ryo realized who was wearing it as the
green eyes came into view.  She paused about two yards from him, the White Armor dissolving
with a fire that engulfed her, leaving her in her original Armor of Kryos.
   "Sarjenka," he whispered, as she looked him over.
   "Looking a bit worn, aren't we Wildfire.  Or, I guess it's just plain ol' Ryo now, huh?"
   "What have you done?" he asked silently.  "What have you done to my friends!!!"
   "Let's see." She looked up to the sky and began to count off her fingers.  "Two are dead, I
managed to put you out of commission , and the others ... she met with Ryo's eyes and smiled. 
"Ronin kabobs, I guess."
    Fire burned behind Ryo's eyes and he clenched his fists.  "By the gods, I'll see that you 
burn in hell ... "
   "Oh come now, Ryo, is that anyway to say hello?  I was hoping for something more along the
lines of 'hey!  How ya doing!  It's good to see you again’!"
   " 'Good to see you again' ?  You almost killed me!!"
   "Ryo ... you're so full of spunk!  You're cute when you're pissed off…"
   Ryo hauled off and planted a fist firmly in her cheek.  She stumbled backwards a step and
laughed.  "Is that the best you can do?"  She raised a sai to the air.  "I call upon the legions 
of the Dynasty to come forth onto this planet!!"
    The graying sky fell into a starless black and a huge gateway appeared in a roll of thunder,
looming nearly five stories above them.  With a sonorous creek, the doors opened, reveling a
huge armada of the Dynasty soldiers waiting impatiently beyond the frame.  
   Ryo gasped as Sarjenka produced the Fervor Soul Swords and held them above her.  "The
power of the White Armor of Inferno will bridge the gateway between the Dynasty and your
world Ryo.  Watch as everything you ever lived for will be laid to ruin before your eyes."

    The big screen TV mounted on the outside of the Atlas building in Shinjuku square began to
roll its picture violently before fuzzing into a snow of white pixels.  The pedestrians stopped to
look, only to see hordes of warriors in dark green armor pour out of the snowy video screen ...
and the sun blacked out.

    "Gimme all your money lady!!" a hoodlum demanded, holding a gun to an old woman's head
in a back alley of Los Angeles, California.
   "Ok!  Just don't hurt me!!" she whined, dropping her huge, flowery purse to the ground and
running in the opposite direction.
   He smiled widely, bending down to search through the purse.  Shopping list , crocheting
needless ... He continued to route through the purse, pausing only when a sinister shadow
blocked the light from the street lamps.  Slowly he looked up into the dead eyes of a green
armored soldier hovering over him with a menacing reaping scythe.
   "Oh sweet Jesus ... "

   The tourists and commuters in Paris all stopped to gaze at a parade of green soldiers spilling
 out from under the L'Arch De Triomph.  One Parisian leaned over to her friend.  "Qu'est-ce
 qui ce passe ici?, what's going on here?" she wondered in the direction of the L'Arch as the 
 funny looking soldiers were beginning to overwhelm the streets.
   "Je ne sais pas.  Circ de Soleil?" the other shrugged.
   They both looked up as the sun was choked out by thick, black clouds, and people around
them began screaming in terror.

   Sarjenka marveled as the soldiers flowed out and around her and Ryo from the Dynasty
gateway.  Supposedly, after the Ronin's defeated Talpa, the Dynasty turned to the side of good ...
but then where did all of these soldiers come from?
   A hand came down roughly on Ryo's shoulder and he turned his head slightly to Sarjenka. 
"What do you want?" he asked coldly.
    "So many things ... to rule this Earth happens to be at the top of my list."
    "No!  I mean, what do want me and my friends for?" He turned completely toward her.  "You're
invading Earth!  You have the White Armor!  Bring back my friends!!"
   "On one condition."
   Ryo tensed.  "What."
   "You come with me back to the Dynasty where you belong."
   Ryo's heart about stopped and he stepped back from her.  "You've got to be joking."
   "Your friends’ life for your captivity ... and I'll even throw in Nubie for you."
   "Anubis.  That IS who you were so broken up about during our first battle, was it not?"
   "You're a low-down, dishonorable ... "
   "Yeah, yeah. I've heard it all!  Come on, I've got plans to make ... people to conquer ... places
to invade.  Yes or No Ryo?"
    Ryo closed his eyes, clenching his teeth together.  He reached out with his mind, trying to find
a strand of life that would indicate his friends were still alive.  He searched the static, straining
his mind to find a glimmer of life.
    But he was alone in his mind, no one answered his desperate cries.  Sarjenka was in his face,
studying what he was doing when he reluctantly opened his eyes and his mouth.
   "...yes... he said quietly.

    Sage's eyes shot wide open, his whole body jerking, stunned from the last image that went
through his mind ... the power of Wildfire somehow freezing his soul to its icy death.
   He realized where he was, feeling the artificial respirator force air into his lungs.  
Frantically, he began ripping wires and IV's out of his body and he sat straight up in the hospital 
bed. "RYO!!" he yelled.  He searched his mind for Ryo's presence, but was rewarded only with heavy
   The dark cloak lying over his half naked body moved off of him.  Sage followed its
movements up to a tall and slender man, long red hair flowing down past his shoulders.
   Sage opened his mouth, trying to form words as the man looked back down at him, chiming
the magic staff on the tile floor.  "A... Anubis!!"
   "How did I get here?" Anubis asked, looking around the room before setting eyes on Sage.
   "Anubis!! It is you!  But ... you're supposed to be dead!"
   "Sorry to have disappointed you, Halo."
   "Oh not at all!  Anubis, just what in hell is going on here?"

    "How in heavens are all these boys freezing to death!!" a doctor yelled, poking a needle into
Kento's cold and stiff arm as he was wheeled into the emergency room.  "Someone get me 20
CC's of ...
    The once lifeless body sat bolt up-right, scattering nurses and doctors around him.  Kento
nervously glanced about the room.  "Oh man, I'm having a really bad nightmare!!"
   A doctor came forward with a needle and grabbed his arm.
   "Hey!! Let Go!!" Kento yelled, pulling his arm away from the doctor.
   "Amazing ... he's completely recovered!!"
   "Oh ... I hate hospitals!  I'm outta here, man!!" Kento popped off the stretcher, only to be
restrained by about twenty doctors.  Kento easily began to fight them off and slipped out of the
ER and into the hall.  He slid into the wall opposite the ER as the entire staff rushed out.  "Oh
boy!  I'm in trouble now!" he said under his breath, and took off down the hall.
     "Some one get that boy!!" a doctor yelled as Kento took off down the hall.  "Security!!"
   Kento rounded a corner, the exit well in sight.  He dodged wheel chairs and candy stripers. 
"Will everyone just get out of my way!!" he yelled, tearing down the hall. 
   A large security officer blocked the door, bracing himself as he watched Kento race down the
hall.  "Hold it right there, kid!  You're under arrest!"
   "Arrest!! Again?"  Kento lowered his head and charged.  "Comin' through!!"
   The elevator door opened in time for Sage and Anubis to see Kento speed by.  They both
looked out around the corner to see Kento smash head-long into the security chief, both being
knocked about five feet into the air, landing in a fury of flying arms and legs, face first onto 
the floor.
   Sage and Anubis rushed out to the mass of limbs.  Kento lay dazed on top of the chief of
security, little yellow birdies orbiting his spinning head.
   Sage poked his head over the mound.  "Hey Kento!  You okay?"
   He groaned and opened his eyes.  "Sage!  You're alive man!"
   "Uh ... yeah, so?"
   "Dude ... " he groaned.  "I think I broke my butt."

    They all sat straight up in the destroyed remains of the prison cell ... Daes, Sekmet, Kayura,
Mia, Cye and Rowen.
   Mia's head spun slightly as she got up from under Cye. He had thrown himself over her when
Sarjenka had begun her attack to shield her from the onslaught.  She looked around the room. 
Rowen and Sekmet each sat up, followed by Lady Kayura.  Everyone swept the room, eyes
falling on Daes and Kale, Kale lying on top of Daes in a very compromising position.  
   Daes' one good eye fluttered open.  "Hey!  Get the hell offa me!!"
   Kale snapped to, sitting up and realizing that he was straddling Daes.  He gave a yell and
jumped to his feet.  "Wait!  We're supposed to be dead!" he screamed, nervously looking around
the room.  Globs of melted steel steamed in the corners of the cell along with black-singed,
partly melted stone and mortar.
   Rowen helped Kayura to her feet as he spoke.  "You're right.  The Inferno Armor should have
finished us all off."
   Cye shook plaster from his red hair.  "If Sarjenka has the White Armor ... she's going to go
after Ryo!!"
   "Is your car still here?" Daes asked Sekmet.

   The warriors all burst into the hospital only to find it in mass chaos.  Nurses and doctors 
were giving frazzled statements to the police, and a very large security guard, a cold pack to 
his forehead, claimed he had been trampled to the ground by a horse.
   Mia flagged down a policeman.  "What happened here?"
   The cop turned.  "Two kids and a man just broke out of the hospital from the ER and an
intensive care room ... and another one was kidnapped by ... " he looked down to his note pad
and quoted ... "two men in metal Halloween costumes."
   "Ryo, Sage and Kento," she said more to her self.
   The cop looked at his notes.  "Yeah.  Ryo Sanada, Sage Datei and Kento ... how'd you know?"
   "And you said there was a man with them?"
   Again, regarding the notes, " tall, slim, red hair ... carrying a gold staff."
   Mia froze.  "Anubis!"
   "Huh?  Hey, are you a report ... hey!  You were one of those people arrested for murder!" he 
went for his gun.
   Mia backed up.  "Guys!!"
   The cop brought the gun up as Daes, Sekmet and Kale, all three in full armor placed
themselves in front of Mia.
  "Hey!  That's them!!" one of the guards yelled, pointing a nervous finger at the Warlords.
   "We've got to go find Ryo, Sage, Kento and Anubis!" Mia yelled, grabbing Cye by the wrist
and pulling him out of the hospital.
   "Did I here you right?" Cye asked as he was dragged merciless down the hospital corridor and 
out the front doors, the others tagging behind in front of an army of police men.  "Anubis?"
   Sekmet was making for the car, only to find it being impounded by the police department.
  Kale pulled out his glowing, deep red orb.  "We've gotta try to jump, guys!"
   "Yeah right, like any of us can do that successfully!" Daes yelled, a bullet pinging off his 
   "Any better ideas, pirate?" Kale yelled back, quickening his pace.  "I got Rowen."
   "Cye," Sekmet said, banishing his poison armor.
   "I've got Mia and Kayura, then," Daes said.  "We all meet up at Mia's!"
    "Okay!  On the count of three!!  One!"  they broke into three groups.  "Two!" The police all
opened fire.  "Three!!"
   The seven suddenly disappeared in three separate flashes of light, the cops sliding to a halt
where they last had been.

   "HELLOOO!!" Kento yelled, wandering into the dark ranch house.  He reached for the switch
on the wall and brought the room to light. As if sparked by the sudden change in lighting, 
something growled off in the corner.  "Hey, White Blaze!  Where is everyone?"
   "They're not here," came a small voice.  Yuli appeared from the living room couch, in his hand
a piece of .... 
   "PIZZA!!" Kento yelled.
   Sage snorted, adjusting Anubis' cloak around him.  "Well, we all know Kento's OK."
   Yuli relinquished his pizza to Kento and started for Sage, but stopped dead.  "Anubis ..."
   The man smiled behind red hair.  "Yes, it's me, Yuli."
   "But ... you're dead!"
   "Everyone keeps saying that," Anubis answered calmly.
   A blinding flash of light filled the living room, engulfing everything in a devouring red light. 
And as quickly as it appeared, it dissipated revealing Kale and Rowen.  Kale immediately rose a
hand to his chest, catching his breath.  "Whoo!  It worked.  That's not so hard!"
   "Hey, Rowen!" Kento called out from behind his pizza.
   "Kento!! Sage!! You ARE alive!!  And ANUBIS!!!"
   Kale shot around.  "Well, if that ain't a sight!  We thought you were all pushing up the 
   A large crash came outside and voices drifted up.  "Way to go, Sekmet!"
   "Hey, kid!  I got us here, didn't I?"
   They all hung out the door to see Cye and Sekmet piled on top of the garage, teetering
dangerously on the edge of its roof.
   Cye made it down first, and was to the door hugging Kento before anyone knew it. "You're
    "Whoah, take it easy, man," Kento said as Cye released his grip.  His eyes turned to Anubis,
widened ...
 Through the ceiling landed Daes, followed by Kayura and Mia, both landing with a dull 'plop'
on Daes's stomach.  It didn't help him catch his breath at all, and he wheezed for air under the
   "Looks like we all made it," Sekmet said, appearing behind everyone.
   "Wait!" said Sage.  "Where's Ryo?"

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