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Gods of War
an Evangelion x Gundam crossover

--== Skip the Evangelion Intro ==--

Gundam Wing is your basic Evil-Organization-wants-to-Rule-the-Universe anime, with OZ on one side and the Colonies on the other. But even though OZ greatly outnumbers the Colonies, the Colonies have 5 elite teenaged pilots on their side, each piloting their own Gundam; revolutionary, nearly indestructable gigantic mechas, getting their name from the indestructable Gundanium alloy that they are built out of.

Each pilot originates from a different part of the world, taken from the Earth to the Colonies in outerspace to become the pilots for these extrodinary robots.

The first pilot we meet, Heero Yui, is the only Japanese native of the bunch. His name in Japanese litterally means "one". Heero is very unemotional and at times seems to care about nothing, especially himself. Throughout the series, Heero tries many times to either kill himself or destroy his Gundam Wing Zero.

Heero grew up in the high gravity fields outside of the Colonies. Due to this, Heero is almost super-human at times: able to take bullets, set his own broken bones, skydive from buildings without parachutes and blow up nearly everything around him without killing himself.

Heero's true nature in the series is The Angel. He is often protecting Relena Dorlian-Peacecraft from certain annihilation, as well as the other Gundam pilots. In the thick of battle, right before Heero does away with his enemy, his Gundam, Wing Zero, will often be seen with a pair of white, feathery wings silohuetted behind him before moving in for the kill.

The second pilot, Duo Maxwell is our American pilot and basically the comic relief of the bunch. His name is old English for "two". Duo is the cheerful, outgoing, obnoxious and carefree member of the group. At times, he seems to take it upon himself to shield everyone weaker than himself from harm. He's usually involved whenever Heero tries to kill himself, or present when the other does some sort of super-human feat, such as setting his own broken bones.

Duo's nature in the series, despite his personality, is The Devil. Duo is often seen wearing preists habits with a large iron cross hanging from his neck. In battle, his Gundam Shinigami Deathscythe (litterally God of Death), often just magically appears from out of nowhere and enters the battle weilding a thermal scythe which miraculously can work ANYWHERE, even in water.

When piloting, Duo's personality seems to switch from his loving, charming personality to one of death and hatred. His Gundam even is outfitted with a duel set of soaring wings that resemble the wings of the Devil when silohuetted.

Duo's character is perhaps the most complex, as his personality tends to alter much more often than Heero's.

In a good percentage of fan fiction on the net, and doujinshi, Heero and Duo are usually paired (1 x 2). That's mostly the way you'll find it in my fics as well.

There are a lot of legit Gundam and Endless Waltz artworks out there that actually paint Heero and Duo into the same picture with each other, like the picture here on the left. In the series, many feel Heero is in love with Relena, and Duo with another teenager from the Colonies, Hilde.

Another reason why Heero and Duo are often seen together is their natures. They're almost complete opposites, with Heero on one side as The Angel, and Duo on the other as The Devil.

Pilot three is Trowa Barton. Trowa is the silent one of the group, more so than Heero, very rarely ever saying more than a few words at a time. If Trowa didn't have a mission to complete, he'd follow along in Heero's footsteps and kill himself.

Trowa's position in the series is Strength. He often only wants to hold his own in battle, at times refusing to team with any of the other Gundam pilots. Trowa's Gundam, Heavyarms, is just that. It's outfitted with just about every type of rocket launcher and plasma gun you could think off, though it possesses one fatal flaw: Heavyarms often runs out of amunition quickly.

Trowa is one of the more talented of the pilots. As well as being an acomplished acrobat, Trowa also plays the flute. You'll often see him along side Quatre playing his flute as Quatre plays his violin.

Our fourth pilot is Quatre Raberba Winter, and he's perhaps the most out of place pilot out of all the Gundam boys. Quatre is just 15 and barely reaches above five feet tall. His name inFfrench means "four", but Quatre's not French at all. In fact, he's Arabian.

Quatre is the kind, loving little sweetheart of the bunch, preferring if everyone would just sit down to a nice cup of tea and just get along WITHOUT fighting. His characteristics are almost femanine... which was probably brought around by the fact that Quatre is the youngest and only male child of 25 siblings of the extrodinarily rich Winter family. 24 older sisters. Could you imagine!?

Wierd enough, Quatre's role in the series is Bravery and Balance. He is perhaps the bravest and mentaly strongest of all the pilots. He has his own little private army, a group of 40 moblie suit pilots called the Magnac Corps. In battle using his Gundam Sandrock, Quatre always give his opponent ample chance to surrender, then, hilarious enough, appologizes to them after he's knocked them flat.

Quatre is often seen paired with Trowa (3 x 4). In episode three of the series when the Gundam boys were first discovering each other, Heavyarms had just run out of amunition and was about to be killed when Quatre and his small army saved him in the nick of time. But because Quatre traveled in Sandrock with an army, Trowa attacked, thinking Quatre was still the enemy.

Quatre surrendered quickly, running out onto the gangplank of his Gundam as it was locked in battle with Heavyarms. Trowa surrendered quickly after, and perhaps Quatre looked to Trowa as more a savior for not killing him than anything else.

Trowa and Quatre are often seen playing music together, with Trowa on his flute and Quatre on his violin.

Our fifth and final pilot is Chang Wu Fei. Our China native, Wu Fei is the "Solitary Dragon", as he's called, who is more honor-bound than any Klingon could ever be. His family name means "five" in Chinese. Wu Fei is a trained killer and an expert swordsman and martial artist. He is cold and at times very lippy, especially around women which he feels are inferior to himself.

Wu Fei's role in the series is Justice. In much the same style of Amelia from Slayers, you'll often hear Wu Fei spouting off about justice to his enemies as he picks them off in his Gundam Nataku Shenlong (litteraly Legendary Dragon, like the Shenlong in Dragon Ball Z).

Wu Fei's Gundam Shenlong takes after its name very well. In battle, it breaths napalm fire, and its arms coil out into long, wriling heads, like dragon heads. I've heard rumors that Wu Fei named his Gundam "Natac" after his departed wife when he lived back in China.

Wu Fei perhaps has more problems trying to keep himself in line with who he really is, rather than what he is. He often goes through long depression spells where he feels he's a coward or has been dishonorable, and flat out refuses to pilot Shenlong because of his unworthyness.

Korogi's Gundam Wing Fics

Gods of War A Gundam x Evangelion fic (despite it's impossibilities) - A 4-chapter long, kinda indepth look into the mysteries of Gundam Wing and how they sort of tend to parallel the same mysteries in Evangelion. There's some story line to it as the 5 Gundams have to come across the 3 EVA's somehow and end up in NERV HQ. So, as the gang's all getting to know one another, Duo thinks perhaps if he can manage to sneak off with EVA Unit 01, he could use it as a backup system for Deathscythe. But Duo's true nature is highly incompatible with what EVA Unit 01 really is, and spins him into his mind to fight himself, and eventually get himself captured by the NERV head honcho's.

Character File - Chang Wu Fei Good old honor-bound Wu Fei. This is just a short little piece on Wu Fei's fight with his own inner demons - how he feels he's never worthy enough to pilot Shenlong, and how if he can't live with honor, he might as well not live at all.

Gundam Next: Something to do With Food Gundam x Slayers Crossover - YA! Gundam is just so wierd to cross with other animes! This fic lands the Gundam boys in the midst of Slayers Next. There's really no point to the fic... just random nonsence and stupidity. It kinda follows along all those hilarious Slayers filler episodes (like the one where they went fishing for lake dragons to make Dragon Cuisine)