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Gods of War
an Evangelion x Gundam crossover

--== Skip the Evangelion Intro ==--

WARNING! Spoilers to Evangelion ahead!

I could guarantee you that you could search the anime world for the next millenia and NEVER come across an anime that is more rooted in imagery and complexity than Neon Genesis Evangelion, closely following the events that take place in the Bible, mirroring Christian mythology. It's unlike any other anime out there, with horrifying parallels to the reality of the human existance and the gruesome limits to which man will go to in order to achieve a goal that he thinks is devine. Evangelion is a disturbing and frightful anime about the events that lead up to the Apocalypse of existance, the emotional, mental and physical battles the characters all go through, and the truth behind what human existance really is. This horrific tale has rocketed Evangelion into being one of the most popular anime's ever, even though the series is only 25 episodes long.

Evangelion takes place in the year 2015. The world has been decimated by a meteoric impact, and much of it is in ruins. Nearly half of the Earth's population is dead. Mysterious beings known as Angels begin attacking the Earth and the only hope keeping mankind alive are three children piloting large, super-human mecha's called Evangelions.

The Eva's were built modling the first Angel, Adam, that landed on Earth 15 years ago (known as Second Impact). Absolutely EVERYTHING that has to do with anything or anyone in this series in some ways ties back into the Bible in some way, from military vehicles blowing up to leave explosion trails in the shapes of crusifixes to the Three Wise Men (MAGI) supercomputers that run the Geo Front base of NERV, to the nine Dummy-series EVA's forming God's Tree of Life around a crusified EVA Unit 01.

The First Child, Rei Ayanami, is the most mysterious and well guarded secret of NERV. Fact is, she's not even human at all. In fact, she's one of the Angels herself.

Rei is a robot, much like the Evangelions themselves, build from two different enteties: The Second Angel, Lilith and Third Child Ikari Shinji's mother Yui. She is expendible, to NERV's standards. Whenever Rei is damaged in battle, they simply fashion replacement parts for her and put her consciousness into a the newly-made body. And no one's the wiser... of course, no one but NERV commander Ikari Genrou and Neuro-surgeon Akagi Ritsuko know Rei's secret.

In the series, Rei represents Lilith, Adam's first wife who was banished from Heaven and forced to watch hundreds of her children killed every day. At the end of the EVA movie, Rei (and her counterpart Kaworu) join with the remains of the Second Angel Lilith. As Lilith grows, her egg begins to encompas humanity to kill them all. But in order to do this, she must make a forbidden joining with the First Angel, Adam... Third Child Ikari Shinji.

Second Child Asuka Langley-Souryu is the German-native chosen to pilot the first production model of the EVA series, Unit 02. She's high strung, very stuck up, lippy and impossibly vain for a child of her age. Asuka is parentless, her mother having hung herself when she was very young, and her father having disappeared off the face of the planet.

Asuka's role in the series is Eve, Adam's true wife and mother of the people of earth. Unlike the other two children, her roots in the series do not stem from any of the original Angels of NERV's Dead Sea Scrolls that attack. In the end of the series, Shinji is forced to choose between Rei and Asuka, his choice determining humanities fate. He ultimately refuses Rei (Lilith), but tries to kill Asuka (Eve) at the end of the series due to the fact that Asuka is unable to love anyone but herself.

Asuka's EVA Unit 02 also plays the role of Eve in the series. It is used as a vessel for Asuka to protect and accompany Shinji.

Third Child Shinji Ikari is the only child of Genrou Ikari, the commander of NERV. Shinji's father Genrou is the representation of Lucifer in the series. Shinji himself, like his father, is very quiet and very lonely, thinking that being close to anyone is only a sure-fire way of getting his heart broken. His reality is paper thin since his mother died when he was very young and his father abandoned him shortly after to command NERV. Shinji was only sent for by his father when he was needed to pilot EVA Unit 01. Due to this, Shinji feels that his father will abandon him again if he does not pilot Evangelion Unit 01.

Shinji's role in the series is Adam, husband of Eve and father of humanity. He's a very reluctant savior, often easily giving up when confronted with the troubles of life or the reality he has come to know. He's a very dramatic and tragic character who seems to be rejected by almost everyone around him.

No matter what, Shinji hates Eva Unit 01. To him, he feels he is useless without Unit 01. It's a tool of destruction that is in a constant link with his mind, making him see things he shouldn't and forcing him to face up to the reality around him that he tries so hard to shut out. Shinji also feels that the Angels would not be attacking NERV so forcefully and in such great numbers if there wasn't a good reason, so there must be more behind NERV's story than just producing the Evangelion Units. Shinji refuses to be a tool of destruction for his father to control.

EVA Unit 01 in the series represents God, the apsolute power in the Human Instrumentality Project. It is also Shinji's only means of proving that he exists in to the rest of the world and, most importantly, in his father's eyes. At the end of the movie, EVA becomes God and ultimately (so we're lead to believe) destroy's humanity. Shinji is left, once again, alone, with only Asuka. Thinking that she doesn't love him, he tries to kill her until Asuka openly admits her feelings for Shinji.

The Gods of War

A Gundam x Evangelion fic (despite it's impossibilities)

Ignoring the way that these two series happen to come into the same fic, it's 2015, 15 years after Second Impact when the Angels start attacking Tokyo-3. The 5 Gundam's wander into Tokyo-3 to meet up with the Evangelion Units and make a brief stop in NERV's Geo Front.

But Duo has his own plans on what to do with Evangelion Unit 01: he wants to use the giant mecha as a backup system incase Deathscythe goes down in battle. But can Duo, the reincarnation of the Devil himself, possibly control and pilot Unit 01, man's own creation of God?

CHAPTER ONE: Something odd picked up on intelligence reports manages to pull the Gundam boys to Tokyo-3 to investigate strange activities. They come across three tall, thin mecha's... the Evangelion units of NERV. But before the guys can piece together the puzzle they're attacked by Rei Ayanami in EVA Unit 001, burying Heero and Duo's Gundams under an enourmous pile of rubble.

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