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Car Wars
by Cricket
June 1997

Please don't kill me for this one! It's my first JQ fanfic. It's short, and it's a tradition whenever me and my little brother go on road trips, even if it's just down to the store.

I don't own 'em, I'm just borrowing 'em. I don't mean to violate any copyright laws.

By Cricket

      Hadji leaned over from the passenger seat, straining against his seatbelt. He watched with wide eyes as a blue little Voltswagon Bug puttered by his window, on it's merry way to who know's where. Hadji was nearly sitting on top of Jonny as Jonny drove the family car (underage, mind you) happily down the road, not a care in the world.
      Jonny threw Hadji a strange look out of the corner of his eye, trying to stay focused on the road ahead. "What's up, Hadj?"
      His question was answered with a swift punch to the arm.
      "OW!!!," Jonny howled, the car swirving dangerously about on the road. "Whatdya do that for!!" Jonny wined, rubbing his arm.
      "Slug Bug," Hadji answered proudly, and he returned to the passengers seat with a smile.
      "Ha Ha," Jonny groaned, dripping with sarcasm.
      "Way to go Hadji!!" Jessie cheered from the back seat, giving Hadji a congradulatory pat on the back.
      Jonny blew air roughly out his nose. His arm ached fiercly. Hadji really packed a good one there! He had to get him back.
      Up ahead, a huge white Cadillac pulled into his lane, an old woman at the wheel, swirving throughout the lane like she was half drunk. A wicked grin passed over Jonny's lips. He hauled off and wacked Hadji over the turbin.
      "Cadillac Slap!!" he annouced, victorious.
      Hadji adjusted his head gear. "We are even then."
      "Nice comeback Jonny," Jessie placed her stamp of approval on the comeback.
      The three teens continued on, passing the little old lady driving madly all over the road, the Caddy eventually spinning out of control and smashing into a telephone poll.
      Ahead of them on their driving path, police lights where flashing, a cop having had pulled over a speeding joy rider. Jessey grinned widely from the back seat, sitting up to possition herself between Jonny and Hadji.
      Jonny looked into the rearview mirror to view the cop car, only to come into eye level with Jessie's evil grin staring back at him.
      "Um ...something the matter, Jess?" he raised an eyebrow.
      "Nope," she said quickly. "Just one thing though."
      "What is that?" Hadji asked politely.
      "POLICE BRUTALITY!!!!" she yelled, pummeling the
two. "Ha! I win!!"

-= FIN! =-
-= Owari =-

Okay, okay. I have a slightly sick and derranged
personality. Comments? Quest-ions? Feel free.

Cricket Industries 1997

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