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© 1997 by Cricket, all rights reserved

Channel : 42: JQ KAG
Subject: Gardening
Type: Daytime Programming

(Camera pans down to Travis, Jonny, Mishelle and Jessie all in a garden)
Jessie: Good afternoon ... and welcome to Gardens 'R Us. On today's show, we will show you how to sucessfully transplant bulbs...
Mishelle : ... or unsucessfully transplant Jonny's brain to that of a dog's.
Jonny: HEY!!!
Jessie/Travis: SHUT UP!!!
Travis: *ahem* Now, the first thing you will need is the propper equiptment (reaches into a box and begins pulling things out) You will need a spade, a watering can, a small bucket, a rubber dog ball ... RUBBER DOG BALL!!! (dripping profusely with drool) EEWW!!!
    (From off camera, Bandit leaps into the shot, immediately chomping down onto Travis' hand.)
Travis: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! GET HIM OFF!! GETHIMOFF GETHIMOFF!!!(begins frantically hopping all around the garden set, attempting to shake Bandit off)
Mishelle: TAKE COVER!!!
      (everyone hits the dirt, except for Travis who's yelling and screaming, doing the chicken dance, doing WHATEVER IT TAKES, trying to get Bandit off)He hip-checks a wheelbarrel, sending it topleing over ... it's contents of various gardening equiptment go flying, nearly taking Jonny's head off(darn!) ... they in turn smash into the lights and rigging ... the rigging falls in huge sparks onto the camera's ... they fizzel and blow up, filling the entire set with smoke ...and the only thing you can here is Travis screaming bloody murder!!

(the camera shot blinks to Hadji): We are presently experiencing technical dificulties. Please stand ...
Travis crashes into the control booth: MUST HAVE SEDATIVES!!!!!!!!!!!
(and Bandit continues to gnaw on his arm)