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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest was a two-season spin off of the hit 70's cartoon show, Jonny Quest. It debuted back in 1997 and the very chaotic JQML soon spawned from it, of which I was (happily) an active Chaos Insuer (tm).

JQ: TRA mainly settled around teen James Bond-ish Jonny Quest, his adopted brother Hadji Singh and Jessie Bannon, daughter of Race Bannon, Dr. Benton Quest's body guard.

Together, it's like a version of James Bond lived through these three children investigating everything from haunting in New Orlean's vampire-infested French quarter to diving below the sea in search of outrageous sea monsters.

If you'd like to see a COMPLETE fanfiction listing of all the fics us wierdo's on the JQML turned out, visit Suze the Archive Goddess at:

Korogi's Jonny Quest Fics:

(Written under the 'nyms Cricket and Genshi no Korogi)

Car Wars A short little piece based on that stupid game all kids play in the car. Ya know "Slug bug, no slug backs!" Humor

The Power of Light:
      Prt I
      Prt II

3-part piece. A powerfull satelite-orbital lazer is hijacked, it's hijackers threatening to singe the Florida Keys just short of burnt toast if their demands aren't met. Slight violence

Monty Quest and the Important Cup Thingy

JQ - Monty Python style. A re-writing of Monty Python & the Holy Grail, using the JQ cast and even WORSE humor. Humor
Pretty Soldier Sailor Who? (AKA Sailor Jonny)
      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 3
      Part 4

Sailor Moon x JQ x JQ 2000 crossover. The Quest kids and 2000 team somehow switches bodies with the sailor scouts. 4 Parts. Humor

Big Trouble in Tokyo
      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 4
      Part 5
      Part 6

Sailor Moon x JQ Crossover. Much more serious take based after Pretty Soldier Sailor Who? The Negaverse invades Lighthouse Point, Maine.Slight violence

Manhattan Maneater Pass-a-fic Hilarious, insane and HIGHLY chaoitic Pass-a-fic involving the members of the 1998 JQML, JQ 2000 team and Ranma 1/2 characters on a wild adventure to (basically) give list member Duke of Earl's friend a good chuckle. Over 10 parts Humor, mayhem

The Books of Rage
Book One: Apocalypse Watch
(unfinished) A Russian sub carrying nuclear warheads goes down in the Bermuda triangle and the Quest's are called in. But things go terribly wrong, possibly spelling the beginning of the apocalypse. Violence, slight HR

Alexandrian Curses Dr Quest is called to Egypt to investigate a rather mysterious pharoh's tomb that's uncovered in Giza. And all the archeologists involved, including Jessie and Jonny strangely eng up missing or dead! Violence, slight HR

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