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Part 70

*Jeff beaches the Vinsence*
Ukyo: Ran-chan!!!
Shampoo: Ranma-sama!!   Jonny-Sama!!
Jonny: AAHHHHH!!!
*They all run to the dispersed pile*
Ukyo: Hey ... where's Ranma?
*Kuno stumbles over with his sister*
Kuno: Where is that fiend Saotomei?
Lion *evil grin* Hey Jonny.  Lookit here! *Drags him over to a pool*

*The Jyusenkyo Guide appears out of no where*
Guide: Ohh ... that is Spring of Drown Dog.*Hold up sign with Chinese characters 
scribbled on it.* Very tragic story of dog who drown there 200 year ago
Lion: Perfect!
Cricket *attached to Ryoga* Uh OH.  Hey 'Lex, Jonny's about to be initiated into the 
Takehashi Hall of Fame (tm)
Lion: Take a bath, Jonny!! *Throws him into the pool*
Alexis: 'Uh Oh's' right!!
Guide: HIYAH!!!!!  *Whips out the sign*  Now you FALL in Spring of Drown DOG!!!  
Whoever fall in spring take body of Dog!!  VERY VERY tragic curse indeed!!!
*A bleach-furred dog breaks the surface, sputters and climbs to shore.  It glares at Lion*
Jonny: WOOF!!! 
 Lion/MIshelle: *blink* Jonny?
*The dog does the Takehashi-panic*  WOOOOF!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!
Mischele: BWAHAHAAHAH!!  A beach-headded DOG!!  BWAHAHAHAH!!

Travis: What the ... Jonny's a ...a ... DOG!!!   AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!*Takes off running*
Alexis: Travis, you idiot!!!  You'll fall in one of the cursed springs!!!!
Cricket: Hey, while we're here ... why don't we make our own spring!
Alexis: Yeah ... how about ...
Happosai: Mishelle baby!!!! *hopps off the Vinsence*
Alexis/Cricket: SPRING OF DROWNED HENTAII!!!!!! 
Happy: Uh oh!
Alexis: Come here, you lecher!!
Cricket: Eat chicken and die, goat!  *Cluck*

Part 71

Cricket and Alexis chase the little pervert wielding battle auras and
chicken launchers.
Alexis: COme back here, lecher! You'll wish you STAYED back in Japan
after I'm done with you!!!!
Cricket: GET BACK HERE YOU OLD GOAT! No woman's safe with YOU on the
Happosai: Just try and cath me, GAIJINS!
Alexis/Cricket: TAKE THIS! PAIN TV Super Combo
*a HUGE chicken shaped ki blast zooms up at Happosai*

Claudette: EEEEK! Jonny, what have they done to you?
Mishelle: *smiles sweetly at the glaring dog* NOW who's the dog-face?
Jon/Dog: Grrrrrrrr.....
Bryce: TRAVIS! GET BACK! It's to DANGEROUS to run around here!!!
Travis: DOOOGS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
Kodachi: here oh where is my Jonny-sama....BRYCE SAMA!!!
*runs in Travis' direction*
Jessie: Guys! There's a POOOOOOL!
Travis: Oh no! I can't look! WHat am I?
Bryce: You're're YOU!
Travis: WHat? I thought I was....
Tai-Lee: Wasn't he supposed to change into something?
Hadji: Hmm...strange....
Ranma: ALRIGHT! It's the spring of drowned man! *dives in*
Akane: Ranma! Now you're CURED!
Shampoo: Ai-yaaaa! Ranma!
Ukyou: Ranma honey! That's gREAT!
Ryouga: RAAAANMAAA! How DARE you hog the pool all by yourself!
Mousse: Ditto what Ryouga just said!
Guide: OH NO! What you do? That spring of drowned male TWINS!
Ranma: ALRIGHT I'm...HEY!
Ranma2: What the *the two Ranma's stare at each other*
Shampoo: Ai-yaaah! Who real Ranma?
Akane: Oh great, MORE PERVERTS!
Ranma/Ranma2: HEY!!
Ukyou: Who cares? Shampoo, you go get one and I get the other!
Akane: HEY!
*Ukyou and Shampoo fish out the two Ranma's and drag them away with
Akane in hot pursuit*
Ryouga: I got TWO enemies to kill!
Lion: Well, what are we gonna do with Jonny-puppy right here?
Jessie: AGH! Jonny?
Jon/dog: Woof!
Mishelle: As much as your dog-form suits you, bleach-head. Ya gotta
change back or we'll NEVER get Travis back!
Claudette: How do we do zat?
Lion: Hmm...letsee, I heard Cricket say something about hot water!
Mishelle, Lion and Jessie: *turn red on the bridges of their noses* AGH!
*they turn away from the naked Jonny*
Claudette: *wide eyes in surprise* Ummm....Joneee? I think you are...

Mishelle grabs Claudette's head and turns it away.

Jonny: *blink* I'm...I'm a guy again!
Mishelle: *eyes closed* And a NAKED one! For cripe's sake, Bleach-Head
put something on before Kodachi gets stimulated! *shudders at the
Jonny: *shudders at Kodachi's name* ARGH! *runs off to grab his clothes*
Lion: *catches her breath* That....was scary....
Jessie: A towel's one thing, but...
Mishelle: *teardrop appears on her head* I don't wanna talk about this!
Typo King: Umm...I could be wrong, girls...but did I just see what I
thought I saw?
Jessie: Jonny turn into a dog?
Typo King: No...Jonny running away from here naked.

(to be continued)

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Lion: I think Jonny's had his share of embarasment for the day *rubs hands
together*  Who's next?
Cricket: *whines* But I wanna pick on Jonny somemore .  *Glomps on to Ryoga
who promptly faints.*
Lion :*evil grin*  Hmmm ...
Cricket: Don't even think about it!!  That's MY Ryoga-sama!!
Lion *looks aroud the group and lays eyes on Jeff*
Typo King: Oh no!  NO way!!! *Thrusts Kuno infront of him*
Lion/Cricket: KUNO!!!!
Kuno: What the ... HEY!!  Unhand me, American fiends!!  How dare you finger
the body of Tatewaki Kuno in such a manner!!
Cricket: You wish!  Now stop fidgiting!
Lion: YEah ... what should be make?  Half wart hog, half octopus?
Genma/Panda *sign* Curse those evil octopi!
Ranma/Ranma2: HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! *both come bounding through the
middle of the group, sending people flying in opposite directions.
Alexis : *looks around*  UH oH!!  WHo's not here?
Akane/Ukyo/Shampoo: RANMAAAAAAAAA!
Alexis: Okay, the Nermia Crew's here ... 
Travis: AHHHHH!!
Bryce: Get back here, Travis!! *Tai-Lee, Claudette and Mishelle all step
back in unnison as Travis mows by*
Alexis: The 2000 team's all here .. the MLers are all here ... Jonny, Jessie
everyone: HADJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*All attention turns to a pool, bubling slightly
Guide: Not good ... you fall in spring of drowned male axe murderer ... very
tragic story of male axe murderer who drown there 100 year ago!
*Hadji leaps outta the pool, HUGE Hammerspace lumberjack axe (tm) in hand.
Jessie: OHMIGOD!!!  HADJI!!
Tai-lee: Hadji-san!!  Oh no!!
Mishelle: Everybody scatter!!!!
Lion: *grabs the Jusenkyo guide* Alright man.  Tel me NOW where the spring
of drowned sultan is!!!
Typo King: I think there's some on the boat!!! *runs off*
Jonny (now fully clothed) watches as Hadji-axe murderer chases the team back
and forth across the grounds
Typo King: GOT SOME!!!
        Everyone, including Hadji, are thouroughly soaked
Cricket: Gee, thanks Jeffrey baby!
Hadji: Oh my!  What was going on?
JOnny: This is terrible!!!  Now everytime Hadji get's splashed with cold
water HE'S gonna have the urge to kill me!!  It's bad enough the MLer's have
a sick facination with killing me!!  NOW MY OWN BUDDY!!!
Mishelle: Quit yer whining, Bleach-head!  Just call your dad up and have him
formulate a remedy-thingy.
Jonny: One problem ... he's in Maine and where in the boon docks of CHINA!!!
Alexis: Escuse me! *Goes off and consults with alter ego's and such*
Benton: *In a shower robe and a towel over his head*  WHAT THE ....
JOnny: *blink*  DAD? OH dad!  Ya gotta help us!! hadjifellintothis
sprinandnowhe's anaxemurderer ...
Benton: Hadji?  An axe murderer?
Mishelle: Yeah! And Jonny's a dog!  Allow me to demonstrate! *pulls a glass
of water out from behind her
Benton: AH!!!!! *faints*


Alexis: I'm gonna use you're head as a BASKETBALL!!!
Happosai: Just try and get me, GAIJINS!
Cricket and Alexis pounce on him, Happi goes flying in a spring.
Cricket: Ummm...what did we just do?
Alexis: If he fell in the Niuhoomanmaoorenniichuan: Spring of Drowned
Yeti riding a Bull carrying a Crane and Eel, I'm outta here!
A huge shadow looms about them
Cricket: Ummm...this is not good...
Alexis: AAAAAAHHHH! He fell into the Spring of Drowned Mega-Hentaii! RUN
FOR IT!!!!
Cricket and ALexis dash over Soun and Genma
Genma: Oh the horror...what would happen if we crossed the most evil
perverted master in Japan with an even MORE perverted drowned pervert?
Soun: I dunno...the end of the world?

(to be continued)

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Mishelle: Frankenstein-of-hair-disasters!!
Jonny: WHAT?!
Mishelle: It's alive! IIIT'S ALIVE!!
Jonny: SHADDUP!>>

Rowen: BWAHAHAAHAH!!! *Rowen falls over in hysterics*
Alexis: *nabs a micorphone* GO MISHELLE!!!
Mishelle: I bet if dinosaurs could see your hair ...
Jonny: Oh yeah???  Well, if I had a face like yours, I'd try to cover it up with 
some kinds personality!!
Mishelle: OH YEAH!!!
Jonny: YEAH!!
Kento: BWAHAHAHAHAH *falls on the floor and joins Rowen*
Cricket *dorns Hammerspace Super Cheer-leading Uniform*  GOOOOOO 'SHELLE!!! *Shakes
Mishelle: Your hair is so NAUSEATING, that packs of hyena's avoid you!
Jonny: Well your face is so UGLY, that you could scare an elephant!!
Sarjenka: Wow!  Are these two always like this?
Travis:  Worse!
Sarjenka: Ya know, tempers like this usually hint toward some sort of attraction
Mishelle/Jonny: WHATTTT!!!!!!
Alexis: Man the battle stations!!
Cricket: Arm photon torpedoes!!!
Travis: As long as there's no DOGS!!!
*they dive behind a huge pile of sandbags as Jonny and Mishelle's tempers begin to 
flare out of control
Alexis: Your house won't survive this!!
Cricket: My house survived the aircraft carrier ....
Sarjenka: Incomming!!!
Cricket: *grabs a computer* Activate sub atomic cheese blasters!!!
*Jonny and Mishelle grow to enourmous proportions
Alexis: Yer not gonna blow them up, are ya!!!
Cricket: Nah ... it'll just make 'em quit whining!!  Ya know ...'Want some cheese 
with that whine?"
  *all fall over*
Cricket: FIRE!!!!!
*glowing cheese flies through the air, splattering all over Mishelle, Jonny and half the 
living room. They shrink back to normal sizes*
Travis: WOO HOO!!!  We're saved!!
Kento: Wow!  
Rowen: You can't EAT the blaster, idiot.
Kento: HEY!!
Cye: I wonder if you could do something like that to Sage's Hair.
Alexis *lightbulb*  I got an idea!! *nabs Cricket and Sarjenka.  Cricket rushes off 
and Sarjenka nabs Sage, strapping him down to the rocking chair.
Sage: AHH!!  Whatch gonna do to me??
Sarjenka: Man, I haven't played childish games in a LONG time.*evil grin*
Alexis: *wields HUGE pair of scissors and other beauty supplies.* I smell MAKE OVER!!!!!!

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And thus ends the chaos!!

© 1997 JQML

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