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Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 21:54:32 -0600
From: Cricket
Subject: JQ: JQ/SM - SANE one!

This is the SANE JQ/Sailor Moon Crossover ... since I'm presently in the middle of FOUR other fics!!!! Talk about overload!!!

And here's the first part of the fic!


JQ: I don't own any of the Quest team. All characters pertaining to 'JonnyQuest' are owned and trademarked by Hanna-Barbera, and are in no way affiliated with this fic or with other characters involved.

SM: I don't own the Sailor Scouts, or any of the characters in 'Sailor Moon'. All characters pertaining to 'Sailor Moon' are licensed trademarks of TOEI Animation Co. Ltd. and is no way affiliated with this fic or any other characters involved.

OI ! Ki's mine! So ya can't sue me over him!! ; P

All characters herein are fictitious: any similarities to persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

~~~~~BTW ... I'm using the Japanese names so everyone'll know who I'm talking about if you watch the original Sailor Moon. And... in the original series, he IS a man... stupid North American sensors!

OH! And I'm spontaneously resurrecting a baddie, so don't hurt me!

PART I: Cherry blossom kidnappings
      -by Cricket

      "Absolutely beautiful, isn't it kids?" Dr. Benton Quest awed out the window as the Dragonfly landed on one of Crystal Tokyo's airport landing strips.
      "So exactly what are we doing in this part of Tokyo? Hopefully not another one of those crazy missions, dad," Jonny Quest said, leaning up between the seats to tap Hadji awake.
      "Well ... this could just be one of the CRAZIEST missions we've ever been on," Race put in with a chuckle from the forward compartment. He pulled the controls around to taxi the jet to the gates.
      "Good ol' Uncle Sam thinks we need to check out reports of strange happenings over here ... something the Japanese government just can't seem to figure out."
      "If an entire country can't figure out what's going on ... how will we?" Jessie asked, skeptical, across from Jonny."
      "It looks like we will cross that bridge, when we come to it, my friends."
      "I have NO idea what that means, Hadji!"
      "Koban wa. O-genki desu ka?" the agent bowed before them.
      Jonny and Jessie's eyes shot to Hadji.
      "He asked us how we were," Hadji translated rather quickly, bowing back.
      "Oh! We're just fine, thanks," Jonny said, sticking his hand out. "I'm Jonny Quest."
      "Very pleased to meet the son of the great Doctor Quest," the Japanese man said in perfect English, shaking his hand. "I am Special Agent Kiko Mie." He looked around Jonny, Jessie and Hadji to watch Dr. Quest and Race wrestle their luggage into the terminal. "Allow me to help you with your bags and we will get underway."

      "The Nega-WHAT??
      "Nega-verse," Ki explained as the group walked down a suburbial street. "An alternate dimension, completely opposite of ours, connected by a sort of gateway, or portal ... and from there, various demons ... or youkai ... have crossed over to terrorize Crystal Tokyo and her inhabitants. Strangely, no other parts of Japan ... or Tokyo, for that matter, seem to be involved in these strange disturbances." Ki reached his hand into his suit jacket and adjusted his gun in it's shoulder holster.
      Jessie leaned up to her two friends. "Is it just me, or is this stuff just absolutely out of left field?" she whispered.
      "The Japanese mythology is full of ... " Hadji began.
      "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL AGAIN!!!" something screamed.
      Around the corner up ahead sped a little girl with long, blonde pig-tails, practically breaking the sound barrier.
      "What the heck??" Jonny yelled, watching the little blond girl plow right over Hadji without a blink and continue down the side walk at mach 5.
      Jonny turned his attention from the dust trail to his fallen buddy.
      Hadji had been plowed clean over by the girl in blonde pigtails, a small footprint imbedded deeply in his turban.
      Hadji groaned loudly, reaching a hand up to rub his sore head.
      "Whoah! Hadj!! Y'ok?" Jessie asked, reaching down to help him up.
      "Wha ... what happened?" he asked as his head spun.
      "You were just flattened by a run-away school girl," Jonny giggled.

      "I'M LATE I'M, LATE I'M LATE!!" Usagi yelled, speeding through the school yard and into the building. She blew by teachers, leaving a wake of flying papers and dust behind her as she screeched to a halt at the end of the hall.

      "Melvin? Could you come to the board and solve this problem, please?" Ms. H asked, holding up a piece of chalk.
      "Why certainly!" a short little nerd with thick, swirly glasses and bushy brown hair sprung quickly and obediantly to his feet and went to the board.
      Usagi peaked around the corner of the class room. "Maybe I can sneak in," she thought, tip-toeing into the classroom. And of course, she didn't see the bookcase and crashed right into it, sending it toppling over on top of her, squashing her flat.
      "You're late AGAIN Usagi!" Ms. H yelled, without turning around.
      Usagi picked herself up and slid into her seat. "Sorry, Ms. H."

      "Need some more aspirin?" Jonny asked his East Indian friend.
      "No, my friend. I will be fine," Hadji said, rubbing the foot print on his forehead.
      Overhead, the sky grew suddenly dark, casting Crystal Tokyo into immediate shadows.
      "What in the sam-hell?" Race cursed, looking up to the sky. The sky itself began turning black, choking out all light from the sun.
      Hadji straightened. "There is a psychic disturbance here," he whispered.
      "How'd you know?" Jonny asked.
      Jessie swatted him over the head lightly.
      "What's going on here?" Dr. Quest asked.
      "Is this that Nega- thing?"
      Ki stiffened and nodded, just seconds before a tall man materialized before them, floating freely in mid air. He gave a maniacle laugh, brushing his blond bangs out of his face.
      "Relative of yours?" Jessie asked Jonny quietly.

      In another school across Crystal Tokyo, Rei sat straight up and looked out the window at the blackening sky. She thought to herself ::I feel that evil presence again::
      She bolted to her feet. "I feel ill ... I'm going to the nurse!"she announced loudly. The sensei watched baffled as Hinou Rei raced out of the classroom and disappeared into the halls.
      Rei locked her self in the deserted bathroom, pulling out a short, red wand. She thrust it into the air and yelled, "Mars Planet Power! Make-up!"

      In their respective parts of Crossroads Koko-ku, Minalo, Ami and Makoto sat straight up at the sudden presence of evil aura's that began to engulf the city.
      Usagi, however was dead to the world, snoozing behind her English textbook.
      "WHA... Four apples and twelve pears!!!" she blurted out, sitting straight up, stunned out of her sleep by the beeping pocket communicator in the front of her blouse.
      Ms. H looked up from a large volume of Shakespeare. "Sleeping in class again, Usagi? To the principles office AT ONCE!!"
      Usagi blushed, gathering her book bag and moping out of the class room.
      The communicator beeped again and she pulled it out, activating it.
      Rei's face appeared instantly, glared back at her. "MEATBALL HEAD!!!" she bellowed.
      "Hey! What's going on?" Usagi panicked, teardrops growing on her head.
      "Usagi, get your lazy butt over here now!! It's the Negaverse!!"
      "Negaverse!!" Usagi pocketed the communicator without another word, turned and raced to the bathroom down the hall. She slammed the door closed and removed the star locket from the front of her uniform. "Moon Prism Power! Make-up!"

      Race pulled his gun, as did Ki, aiming at the floating man before them. "Hold it right there!!" Race demanded, positioning himself between the floating man and Dr. Quest.
      "Well ... you're all new around here!" the blonde man said, following it up with a maniacle laughter.
      "What the ..." Everyone turned around, raising their heads to the tall buildings behind them. On the top of one of the building stood five young women, all in battle- sailor uniforms. One by one they jumped from the top ofthe building to land firmly beside Race and Ki.
      "All right, Zoiycite ... you're goin' down!!" yelled the sailor in the red uniform.
      Zoiycite threw his head back and laughed ... again. "Well, if it isn't the Sailor Failures!"
      Jonny looked the Scouts over quickly. "HEY!! That's the fruit-cake that ran Hadji over!!!" he yelled, pointing at the blonde pigtails.
      "Prepare to become history, Sailor Scouts!! ZOI!" The man thrust his hand out, and a flurry of cherry blossom petals began to swirl around them.
      "Everybody down!! Race ordered.
      And as usual, Jonny didn't listen.
      Instead, he leaped from his position, slamming into Zoiycite and disrupting his concentration. The Scouts leapt too ...
      "You'll be sorry you did that, boy!" Zoiycite hissed.
      "Jonny, get down!!" Dr. Quest ordered from the ground.
      "VENUS METEOR!!!"
      As Dr. Quest reached out to nab his son, a wave of heat flowed by overhead, followed by a rain of heavenly asteroids.
      Before the two powers hit their mark, Zoiycite disappeared in a flurry of the pink, velvety petals ... and with him went three of the Sailor Scouts, Jonny and Dr. Quest.
      Everyone stood dumbfound for a moment as the remaining Quest team slowly rose to their feet. "What in tar-nation just happened here?" Race asked, eyeing down Ki. The man just shrugged.
      Hadji helped Jessie to her feet as he addressed the two women before him. "Just WHO are you?"
      The brown haired girl stepped forward. "I'm Sailor Jupiter ... this is Mercury," she indicated to her companion ... "And I think your friends are in BIG trouble.!!"

Sorry if this all sounds a bit childish!! ... but if you've seen the anime, you can see what I've got to work with! This is part one of the SANE SailorMoon/Jonny Quest compilation. Any one from the JQML has my permission toarchive this if they want, as long as my disclaimers are attached in full, and the fic isn't altered. No part of this fic may be copied or redistributed by anyone without my express, written consent.

Thanks for putting up with me! "Quote of the day ...

"Inochi wa sutete mo, otoko o suteru ki wa nakatta wai!
      [I was prepared to give my life, but I had no intention of giving my manhood!]
      -Ranma (-chan), Ranma 1/2

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