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Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 07:35:15 -0600
From: Cricket
Subject: JQ: SM: Big Trouble: 2

Standard disclaimers as seen in part one of this fic also apply to this fic go copyright warnings and permission to archive this.


      Jonny's head spun slightly as he came to ... remembering only the blonde man, Zoiycite, hovering above him before he blacked out.
      And speaking of blackness ... he was surrounded by it, a thick, almost alive blackness.
      "Hello?" he called, listening to his voice echo around.
      From the echo that resulted, he was in a very large room , how large he didn't know.
      He reached down and felt along his arm for his watch and switched on the Indiglo.
      The room before him became dimmly illuminated by a soft, green light, but still he saw nothing before him... not even a wall.
      "HELLO!!!" he called outagain.
      He listened intently ...
      "Who's there?" a female voice called back.
      "I'm Jonny Quest! Where are you?"
      "Never mind ... I'll find you!"
      There was a moment of silence, then a blazing fire suddenly lit the entire room, filling the giant chamber with firelight. Across the room he saw the fire burning, and standing beside it, a young woman with long, flowing black hair, staring back at him.
      Between the two, three bodies lay, still passed out, two blonde girls and ...
      "DAD!" Jonny took off across the room, sliding down to his dad. "Dad!! Dad!!" he shook the man furiously. "Wake up!!"
      Dr. Quest slowly came to, groaning. "Oh! What happened? I feel like a freight train's rushing through my head."
      Sailor Venus sat up, rubbing her blonde head furiously. "Ouch!"
      Sailor Mars nudged the other blonde girl, not to far from Jonny and Dr.Quest. "Wake up, Sailor Moon-brain!!" she hissed, poking the blonde lump.
      Sailor Moon groaned and sat up. "Oi .. I had a really bad dream. I dreamt that the Negaverse came back and .... "she opened her eyes. "AHHH!!! It's all a bad dream!!!" She immediately began to panic, bouncing all over the room like a maniac, flailing like a fish out of water.
      "Will you get a hold of yourself!!" Mars yelled.
      Sailor Moon stopped suddenly. "Mars! You're always so mean to me!!!" and she burst out crying.
      Sailor Mars groaned. "Will you dial it down!!! We need to find a way to get out of here!!"
      "Exactly where are we?" Dr. Quest asked, rising to his feet.
      "Queen Beryl's old Palace, I guess ... the Negaverse," Sailor Venus explained. "And you can bet we're not alone."

      "They .. they ... THEY'RE GONE!!!" Jessie yelled, surveying the scene before her. She looked over to the two remaining Sailor Scouts.
      Hadji was just as concerned as the others, though his face didn't show it as much. "I believe we need to find a way to get them back."
      Sailor Mercury stepped forward, fiddleing with a pocket computer. "I'm afraid that will be a little harder than you think." She took a minute to punch around some more. "We need to find a portal from this world to the Negaverse."
      "Great. So where is it?" Race asked quickly.
      "The Antarctic," Mercury said simply, showing everyone the Japanese readouts.
      Ki cursed under his breath, holstering his gun as Race beside him smirked. "Talk about a needle in a haystack."
      Jupiter tossed her brown hair back up to its ponytail. "Well ... we can't just hop a flight to Antarctica ... so how 'er we gonna get to the Negaverse?"
      The two scouts thought a moment, staring off down the road. Around the corner stepped a tall man with shinning black hair, walking rather slowly, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.
      "HEY!!" Jupiter yelled. "It's Mamoru!!!!"
      The man looked up, shoving the dark glasses back up on his nose. He picked up his pace quickly, heading for the group.
      Jessie leaned around Hadji and spotted the tall man, rushing swiftly for them. "Wow," she whispered.
      Hadji gave the tiniest of coughs.
      "What's going on?" Mamoru asked the two Scouts, regarding the four strangers with a look.. Jupiter grabbed him roughly by the arm and pulled him aside. "Guess who's back!"
      Mamoru groaned loudly. "This is a joke, right?"
      " 'Friad not!"
      Mercury joined them. "It was Zoiycite .."
      " Yes. And he's kidnapped two of their friends," she pointed to the foreigners behind them, "And he also took Rei, Minako and Usagi."
      Mamoru's face hardened. "Not this again!"
      A brief wind kicked up and a maniacle laughter pierced the air. All head sturned to see Zioycite appear once again, this time, seated nausiatingly comfortable on top of a bus stop sign.
      "You silly humans ... so helpless ... so SLOW!!! I expected you all to be there by now!"
      "Be where, Zioycite?" Mamoru growled to the man.
      "Oh, now that's too easy!" she mocked. "You've got to find it for yourselves!"
      "Look .. if it's us you want," Jupiter came in. " then fine!! Return the othertwo."
      "Oh yeah ... those," Zioycite said, a little disapointed. "Just messed up on my teleportation spell ... but NOW I have barganing power!"
      "Listen," Race bellowed, advancing towards the man.
      "Quiet, Snow-White. I'm not done yet!"
      "Well, let me finish the job for you!" Race lept with amazing speed, flying towards Zoiycite. For a moment Race thought he just might get him .... but he disappeared into a flurry of cherry blossum petals, leaving Race to plow head-first into the bus stop sign.
      Ki rushed to the fallen man, helping Race back on his feet as his head spun.
      Jupiter growled lowly, balling her hands into fists. "Just lemme at that bleach- blonde scum!!!"
      Hadji was busy thinking ... no surprise there. "I think I may have an idea...but we will need the portable QuestWorld files."
      "Potable .. what?" Mamoru asked.

      Sailor Venus hopped down from the pile of cement blocks in a corner of the huge room. "I can't find any way out over here." "I think I found something," Jonny called from the other end. Within moments, everyone was hovering over him. A small shaft made by some broken wall stones had revield a passageway beyond.
      "I'll go first," Mars said, shoving herself through the hole.

      "QuestWorld, log-on. Subject: Hadji Singh. 5 ....4....3....2....1 going hot!"
      Hadji found himself sudenly thrust into the QuestWorld mainframe, the computer system stretching out in all directions around him. "I hope this works," he muttered to himself.
      He closed his eyes and concentrated.
      Outside QuestWorld, Jessie nervously punched around on the laptop. "Hadji's entering the astral plane," she announced.
      "LOOK!!!" Jupiter screamed, pointing.
      Behind them, the very air before them began to roll and ripple violently. Slowly, it formed into a long, growing slit, reveiling blackness beyond ... a portal into the Negaverse created through Hadji's mind.
      "Hadj!! You did it!!" Jessie cried, leaping. She reached forward to the computer. "QuestWorld log-off." The VR piece over Hadji's eye shut down as he sat quietly on the concrete sidewalk.
      He opened his eyes slowly and looked over to the portal.
      "Wow!" Ki marveled.
      "You're amazing, Hadji," Race said.
      "How long will that thing last?" Jupiter asked, crossing her arms over her chest, more in disbelief.
      Mercury buisily scanned the annomaly with her computer several times, pausing to make calculations. "It appears to be incredibly stable." She closed down the computer and looked to Hadji, who was quietly sitting in a lotus possition on the sidewalk. "Will it stay like this forever?"
      "No," Hadji replied quickly. "I believe it will last no more than a fewhours.
      "Then we don't have much time," Mamoru said, pulling a single, perfect rose from inside his sport coat.

      "Eew ... this is so creepy!" Sailor Moon wined as they made their way though the dark passages. "I bet there's just MILLIONS of spiders ... and ants... and creep, crawly bugs ... and ... "
      "USAGI!!!!" Mars bellowed. "You're not helping any!!!" She quickly caught herself, but was glad to find out that neither of the Quest men noticed the slip in calling Sailor Moon by her real name
      . "There's a light up ahead," Venus announced, pointing it out to Jonny.
      "You're right. I see it!" The light was coming from around a large block of stone, effectively blocking their passage. No matter how hard they tried, it didn't budge.
      "Should we try forcing it open?" Venus asked.
      "How are we going to do that?" Dr. Quest put in, rather skeptical.
      Sailor Moon proudly helded up a golden scepter, it's jewel sparkling with the reflection of a far off kingdom.
      "A scepter ... how's that gonna help us," Jonny asked.
      "Just watch!"
      She held the scepter out before her. The various ornamentations all began to glow in unison, like a silent song. She took a deep breath. "Moon Scepter ...ILLUMINATION!!"
      The entire tunnel burst with a devouring light from the scepter, soaking into everything. Jonny raised his arms up to shiled his face from the light, and felt someone pull him roughly down to the floor of the tunnel. He hit the floor just as the light exploded in a flurry of sparkling pixles, rushing towards the wall. It hit the section of wall before them and utterly shattered it into a million,fine pieces of sand and chunks.
      Then silence filled the room. Jonny raised his head.
      A new light spilled into the tunnel from the enourmous gap before him.
      Sailor Moon stood a bit dumbfound as stray chunks of the wall fell all around her.
      Mars raised her head, shaking dust and debris from her long hair. "Oh, way to go, Sailor Moon."
      "What!! "Sailor Moon yelled, whirling around and becoming red in the face. She stuck out her tounge. "Hey! I got us through the wall!!"
      On cue, the ceiling over the hole collapsed, creating a huge pile of rubbel for the team to navigate. "Care to rephrase that?"

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