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Standard disclaimers apply to this piece as well, yet again. To add to that, Lyricist Mori Yuiko, actress Oogata Megumi and, Togashi Yoshihiro, Shueisha, Fuji Television and Studio Pierrot are in no way affiliated with this piece, or with anyother characters herein, none of the previous mentioned are affiliated with this piece.


Part four: Out of the Darkness

      Luna sat straight up atop Usagi's bed. She blinked her huge pink cat eyes a few times to clear the sleep from them and looked around the room. It was just how the little moon cat had left it ... bed unmade, little Chibusa coloring on the floor, clothes thrown about the room ... 'Now what woke me up?' she thought to herself, getting up and stretching in the noon sun.
      She padded lightly to the edge of the bed and looked down to Chibusa.
      Little Chibusa sat coloring quietly, bobbing her cute pink pigtails back and forth as she concentrated.
      Then it hit her ... a huge spark of energy from somewhere off in the corner of existence. "The Negaverse?" Luna asked herself out loud.
      Chibusa turned her head up to the bed. "Good morning Luna," she smiled cutely.
      "Chibusa ... have you felt anything odd? Like the Negaverse, perhaps?" the black cat asked, the crescent moon adorning her head flashing in the noon sun.
      "No ... why?"
      Luna shook her head and instead, fished out the communicator Usagi always kept shoved under her pillow. She tapped the buttons with an outstretched claw as Chibusa climbed up on the bed to look over her shoulder.
      "Usagi?" Luna said into the communicator. "Please come in."
      The two sat patiently for a few seconds.
      But nothing happened.
      Luna tapped the comm again. "Luna calling the Sailor Scouts. Come in, Scouts."
      For a second, the communicator just fuzzed and rolled in the little video screen before blinking into a picture. It was nothing more than a marble floor ... one of the Scouts had left their communicator open, but dropped it.
      Then the picture fuzzed and resolved into another cat, white fur and a crescent moon on his forehead. "This is Artemis ... What is it, Luna?"
      "I can't get a hold of the Scouts," she said, concern creeping into her voice.
      "Maybe I can," Chibusa said, hopping off the bed and retrieving her giant, floating cat head, closely resembling Luna's face. The little girl held the ball firmly in her hands. "Show me Usagi," she told the ball.
      The pink eyes on the cathead fuzzed before resolving into a picture ... a picture of someone's feet. It was the view through Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara.
      The picture shifted as the view lifted to the glaring stare of ...
      "MALACHITE!!" Luna yelled, nearly toppling over off the bed.
      "Oh no! Usagi's in trouble! Come on, Luna!" and the little pink-haired girl grabbed Luna by the tail and rushed out of the bedroom, pulling the cat through the house.
      Usagi's little brother got home for lunch just as Chibusa went screaming by, dragging the family cat by the tail, wailing and carrying on.
      "Hey Chibusa!" he called after her. "Where ya goin'?"
      "To get Usagi!!"
      He frowned and looked down to his watch. "But Usagi's not gonna be home for another three hours. Hm ... oh well."

      "CHIBUSAAAAAAA!!!!" Luna yowled as she bounced along the sidewalk, her tail threatening to disconnect from her body. "STOOOOOP!!!"
      Chibusa bounced through crowds of people, pulling along the screaming cat, bounding over gravel piles, through yard sprinklers and across roads.
      People made way as the two sped on, startled by the giant, floating cat head that tailed her.
      The little girl rounded a corner on Usagi's usual '100 yard dash to school' route and stopped dead.
      At the sudden loss of forward momentum, Luna smashed into the back of Chibusa, knocking both of them to the pavement, the cat head in turn smashing Luna flat.
      Sitting in the middle of the sidewalk surrounded by a group of curious on-lookers, a young man in a purple shirt and a turban sat silently meditating, as she had often seen Rei do at the temple. Standing aside from him, shoo'ing off the onlookers was a member of the Japanese Intelligence Agency.
      Chibusa picked herself to her feet quickly and pushed through the crowd. What she hadn't noticed earlier was the large, glowing tear in the fabric of existence behind the meditating young man, heavily guarded by the agent.
      She squeezed forward and popped out into the void circle of sidewalk surrounding the two, Luna pushing through as well, looking a bit worn.
      "Now, little girl," Agent Ki said, leaning down to the pink pigtails. "Run along. Your mom must be worried about you."
      "I'm sure she is!" she said quickly as the cat head joined her.
      Ki stared blankly up at the floating cat head as it stared back at him. It took the agent a few seconds before he fell back on his rear end, pointing a disbelieving finger at the floating head.
      Luna hopped up on Chibusa's shoulder. "It's a door to the Negaverse," she whispered. "We need to get into it."
      "I know." Chibusa thought briefly, then looked up to the sky. "LOOK!!! IT's the Good Year Blimp!!"
      All eyes rose to the sky and Chibusa bolted for the portal ...

      .... to land in complete darkness, lit only by the pink, glowing eyes of the floating cat head.
      "It IS the Negaverse," Luna whispered. "Transform."

      Sailor Moon raised a dizzied head, only to find Malachite standing over her, glaring back down at her. All around them, a complete battle had ensued between the two forces. "We need the other Scouts!" she shouted to the others as she picked her body off the floor.
      "I can't get a hold of them!" Mars yelled from her left, double teaming Jedite with Mercury. "Use the Moon Scepter!"
      Sailor Moon jumped back from Malachite and raised the Moon Scepter over her head.

      In one of the many downtown Tokyo coffee shops, three women sat quietly,sipping morning coffee and watching the people pass the window. The blonde set her cup down lightly and sighed. "Man, I never thought such a day should be so boring," she sighed in her deep voice, brushing the short hair from her face.
      "Oh, Haruka ... just be glad we finally get some time off!"
      Their communicators began to go off suddenly.
      "Spoke too soon," the other sighed.

      "Mercury Ice Bubbles!" Mercury screamed, whipping her arms out in a flurry of frozen water bubbles. They hit Jedite square on as he was recovering from Mars' attack. The ice bubbles burned into his shirt and skin as they hit, freezing his once scorched body.
      "I think we're finally getting somewhere!" Mars yelled as Jupiter's Thunder Dragon ripped by overhead, crashing into Zoiycite.
      Tuxedo Mask helped Sailor Moon to her feet as he fended off a stray blow from Malachite. "We're not getting very far here!"
      "You're not getting ANYWHERE, three-piece-suit boy!!" Malachite yelled, creating a static bubble around the two.
      "Oh no," Sailor Moon whined slightly, watching as the edges began to quickly close in on them. "We'll be squashed!!"
      Malachite grinned evilly, closing his hands quickly as the static bubble mirrored the effect, closing in on the two captives. The bubble was just about to crush them in on each other when a black streak flew by, knocking the power from his hands. He stumbled back, rubbing his stinging hands.
      To his right, a giant cat head floated, smiling innocently back at him. "What the .... "
      "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!!!" Sailor Moon yelled, twirling the Moon Scepter around violently.
      "Oh, give me a break, Sailor Failures. Do you think ... "
      KA-BASH!!!! Malachite found himself being bashed flat into the far wall by a huge crystal heart as it shattered over him, showering the four Nega-Minions with the shattered crystal.
      "Nice shot, Sailor Moon," Tuxedo Mask cheered.
      Sailor Moon turned. "Sailor Chibi Moon! How'd you get here?"
      The little girl ran out to her side, looking like a pink exact likeness of Sailor Moon herself.
      Malachite picked himself off the crumbled floor, the crystal heart pieces disappearing beneath him. "You'll pay for that, Sailor brat," he cursed, making it steadily to his feet
      . Venus leapt back to join them, avoiding a blow. "These guys just aren't going down! I've never seen these guys this strong before!"
      "Yeah ... it's like they've found a whole new power." Jupiter added from off in another battle.
      "I think WE need to start finding a whole new power too!" Mars shot in, dodging Jedite successfully. "We've gotta take these Nega-freaks out one by one! Come on!!"
      "Right!" the seven around the room agreed in unison.
      Off in the distance keeping away from the fight, the Quest team stood, attempting to make plans.
      "This is NEVER going to work," Jonny, ever the skeptic put in. "There is NO WAY we can repel ... or even HELP repel those power-people in the grey suits," he pointed a finger to the brawl.
      Jessie was fiddling around on the portable laptop, running through strings of commands. "I think I have something. If we can get them into QuestWorld, their nifty powers will be null and void! Only ... one problem."
      "There just HAD to be a catch," Race sighed. "What is it?"
      "We can only hold one in at a time, or else the system will overload." She reached into the pack and pulled out three eye pieces. "Now ... who's gonna tag goon number one?"
      "I nominate myself," Race said with a smile, grabbing the eyepiece and bolting to his feet.
      "Be careful, dad!"
      Dr. Quest took up the laptop as Jonny and Jessie attached their eyepieces. "QuestWorld, Logon. Subjects: Jonny Quest and Jessie Bannon."

      Race ducked behind a fallen column, watching as the blonde, Zoiycite, backedslowly toward him. He peaked out from behind the column and motioned for Jupiter to keep herding her backwards. Jupiter grinned, gathering her power for another attack. "You're going down, Zoiycite! Supreme Thunder!!!!"
      A huge burst of static power pummeled Zoiycite to the ground, sending him sliding headfirst into the column behind him. He sat dazed for a moment ... but a moment was long enough for Race.
      He leapt over the column, attaching the VR piece to Zoicyte's head and activating it. The green light shot over his eyes and he fell limp against the column without so much as a fight.
      Jupiter walked calmly over to Race and nudged the warlock with her foot. "What'd ya do to him?"
      "Shoved him into our computer system," he shot a thumb over his shoulder. "Hopefully we can end this easily!"
      "You can DO that kinda stuff with computers, now?"

      Jonny and Jessie stood in the middle of the VR battlefield in their vectorized bodies, waiting patiently. "D'you think this is going to work, Jonny?"
      "Well .... if it doesn't, we'll find out really quickly," Jonny smiled.
      "Okay, kids," Dr. Quest's voice came in. "We've got one. Standby for download."
      The two stood patiently and watched as Zoiycite appeared before them, his back to them, his vectorized body looking much like his other body. "Alright!!! Where the CRAP am I?" he bellowed.
      "Our little corner of cyberspace affectionately referred to as QuestWorld."
      He whirled around, temper blazing. "It's you HUMANS!!" He raised his hands. "ZOI!"
      Nothing happened.
      Jonny and Jessie gave a sigh of releif. "Guess it DID work!"
      Zoiycite looked down to his hands in disbelief.
      "Try all you want, Zoiycite. But you're on OUR turf now! IRIS! Activate grappling gun!" Jonny yelled.
      Before the two teens, two grappling guns appeared.
      Jessie smiled playfully, reaching out to grasp a gun.
      "You two humans will pay for this!!"
      "Just try it!"

      Malachite blew Venus and Tuxedo Mask into the far wall, easily countering an attack from Chibi Moon all in the same blow. The little pink-haired girl bounced out of the way of the counter-attack. "Why can't we beat them?"
      "That's what I'd like to know!" Jupiter yelled, fighting hand-to-hand with Methlite.
      Within a few seconds, she too joined with the wall behind her.
      "They're getting stronger as we go on!" Mercury yelled, dodging a rain of exploding rocks and debris.
      "We've got to join forces," Sailor Moon said, nursing a heavily bruised shoulder.
      The three remaining Nega-minions all noticed at once the absence of their fourth member... and one by one noticed Zoiycite passed out by the fallen column.
      "Keep them away from Zoiycite!!" Mars yelled, moving to position herself in front of the fallen warlock. One by one, the Scouts stumbled to join her.
      "What have you done to Zoiycite!!" Malachite demanded.
      "There's only one way to dispose of these pests," Methlite said. "We join forces."
      Mercury leaned to her friends. "We'll never be able to counter their combined force," she whispered.
      "Now!" Jedite boomed. "Prepare to feel the full power of the Nega-Force!!"
      "Think again!!" a new voice boomed. "Earth Shaking!!"
      An enormous light flashed rumbled the hall and crashed into the room in the shape of a ringed planet, bursting through the hall to crash into the three enemies. The blast scattered the three to their respective corners of the hall.
      "Where ever there is evil oppressing the good, I will be there. Here I am, Sailor Uranus!" and a tall woman with short, blonde hair popped into existence.
      "There's more of these people?" Race said, more to himself.
      Jedite picked himself up. "Oh, you'll pay for that, Sailor Soldier. He raised his hand for an attack.
      "Deep Submerging!!" A blast of green light shot into the room, followed closely by a pounding tidal wave as it blew by, blasting directly into Jedite, smashing him clear through the marble wall of the hall and into a tunnel beyond.
      "And here I am ... Sailor Neptune, sworn to defend the innocent from the wicked!" said a tall woman with flowing, shoulder length, sea-green hair.
      Methlite and Malachite converged behind them just out of view. Secretly, they agreed to unite and attack ...
      "Dead Scream ... " same a soft voice, and a blast of cold energy ripped into the hall and in turn blew the last two Nega-minions through the wall to join Jedite. "Sailor Pluto, here I am, to help fight against those who would oppress the inhabitants of Earth." A tall woman with long dark green hair and a long staff joined the other two Sailor Soldiers, the three of them standing proudly before them.
      "We're all here, now," Sailor Uranus said, joining the Scouts. "Lets do somespring cleaning!"

      Jonny and Jessie activated the labyrinth program they had installed earlier in the month, the both of them having memorized level one in three days.
      Zoiycite, however was completely frustrated. He had no powers ... no flying abilities, no nothing! And he was being stalked through the maze by the Minotaur. In fact, the shoulder of his uniform was torn to shreds from the first attack.
      Elsewhere in the maze, Jonny and Jessie strolled along rather calmly. "You know ... we could just let the game and finish him off ... " the two looked at each other. "NAH!!"
      Jonny chuckled to himself lightly and raised his head. "IRIS. Activate hover-boards. Lets go make sandwiches out of that Nega-dork!"

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