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Part four: Like Shootin' Fish in a barrel

      "I'm going to kill you humans with my bare hands!!!" Zoiycite screamed throughout the labyrinth, pounding a vectorized fist angrily on the stone wall.
      "Looks like that's your only bet," Jonny's voice floated over the walls. "Just gotta catch us first!"
      Zoiycite raised his head to the sky above, searching through the sunlight to try to find the two Quest kids. "Where the hell are you?!!" he yelled.
      Jessie reached a hand over from atop the hover-sled and tapped Jonny. "Ya know, we've got to get rid of him quickly so we can take care of those other guys."
      "Oh yeah," Jonny said, scratching his head. "I guess we can just trap him in oneof Surd's old virus programs ..."
      "Or trap him with Surd," Jessie suggested with an evil smile. "Those two would LOVE each other!"
      "You read my mind, Jess!"
      The two took off on the hover-sleds, riding easily over the labyrinth walls. Jonny fiddled around with the controls for a second as they rounded a tower, bringing up computer commands. "IRIS ... I need a 'relocate file' command pod." Before him as the two landed the hoverboards, a cube about an inch wide appeared, floating before him. He reached out and took it up. "Can you hear me,dad?"
      "Yes, I can," said Dr. Quest, from seemingly every corner of the labyrinth. "You two need to hurry ... these Sailor people aren't having much luck out here."
      "We're hurrying dad. I'm gonna trap this guy in Surd's file. I need you to activate the relocator when I tell you. Ok?"
      "Just tell me when."
      Jonny and Jessie high-fived as they stepped off the hover- sleds, hearing Zoiycite mumbling to himself off around the corner.
      "You ready?" Jonny asked.
      "Sure thing .. I think my dad would say ... 'this is going to be as easy as shootin'fish in a barrel'.

      Race jumped the stray column as it fell. "Tell those kids to hurry up, Benton!" he yelled, watching the battle before him.
      "They've almost got him ... watch the VR piece. It'll deactivate once they've trapped her.

      "NOW JESS!!!" Zoiycite whirled around only to be tackled flat by Jessie and Jonny, Jonny immediately shoving the 'relocate file' cube down his shirt.
      "Get off me, Humans!!" Zoiycite yelled.
      Jonny and Jessie lept off of him, backing away to put didstance between them as Zoiycite made it to his feet, reaching out towards them.
      "Do it NOW, dad!!"
      Zoiycite leapt forward ... and disappeared in a flurry of pixels.
      "File, relocated," IRIS announced.
      "We did it!"

      Race watched the VR piece over Zoiycite's eyes deactivate. The warlock just laid there, unmoving like he was in a deep sleep. Race let a smile slip as he climbed over the column to retrieve the eye-piece.
      He looked back to Benton and got the thumbs up. Race reached forward and tapped Jupiter. "I need another one," he said, indicating to the eye piece.
      "Sure thing! Uranus! Mars! Help me out here!"
      The three women converged from their respective battles. "What do you need, Jupiter?" Uranus asked.
      "Help me take Methlite out."
      "Easier said than done," Mars said, helping the others counter an attack. "But let's do something!!"
      "On three ... One ... Two ..."
      Above them, Methlite whizzed through the air, releasing a barrage of Nega-Energy over the group.
      The three Scouts simultaneously rallied their attacks to the floating man before them.
      The hall shook violently.
      A searing fire swirled through the air ... a pressuring thunder knocked the man to the floor, the wall collapsing to bury him up to his neck in marble rubble.
      Race leapt forward as Methlite began to quickly recover, popping the VR piece onto his ear. "NOW, BENTON!!!"

      Jonny and Jessie easily avoided the rampaging Minotaur as they rode through the labyrinth.
      "Warning: A new Player has entered the game," IRIS announced.
      "Thanks IRIS," Jessie said. "I get to handle this one! IRIS! I need a 'relocate file' pod"

      Malachite and Jedite both reeled to their respective halts, watching as Race and a few of the Scouts dragged Methlites body over to where Zoiycite still lay. "How are those humans doing this?" Jedite growled, letting his attention go from the battle.
      "Deep Submerging!" Neptune released her attack at the distracted duo, a huge tidal wave grabbing them and smashing them clean through the marble wall.
      The entire room rumbled as the ceiling above the destroyed wall collapsed completely in a pile of dust and debris.
      Jedite and Malachite each sat up quickly, shaking water from their hair. "Who's bright idea was it to kidnap the Scouts, anyway," Malachite groaned.
      "Well, no one guessed those other three Soldiers would come ... and it's not our fault Zoiycite kidnapped the humans too!" Jedite bit back.
      "Shut up!" Malachite returned ... and a shadow fell over them. The two looked up to see little Sailor Chibi Moon standing on top of the rubble pile. The cat head flew forward overhead and pounded Jedite on the head, sending him falling back over, landing in a sloppy 'plop' back on the floor.
      "Nice work, Chibi Moon," Sailor Moon smiled, raising the Moon Scepter. Several Scouts joined behind her. "Time to take out the garbage."
      Malachite took to the air seconds before the Scouts joined forces. "Silver Crystal Power!" they all yelled in unison.

      Jessie tackled Methlite rather easily, dropping the cube down the back of his suit top. The man immediately hopped to his feet, jumping around and wriggling, trying to fish the cube out of his shirt.
      "Now, Dr. Quest!" she yelled.
      They watched as Methlite vanished before them in snowy pixel dust.
      "File, relocated," IRIS announced.

      Jedite was out of action now, leaving only Malachite, floating alone in the middle of the room. "I suppose you Scouts think you're so heroic. HA! You forget that I'm the strongest Shadow of the Negaverse."
      Race juggled the VR piece carefully in his hand. "Not if I get to you first, pal."
      Malachite laughed. "You Scouts couldn't catch a cold!"
      "We'll see about that!" Venus said. "Venus Crescent Beam."
      "Jupiter Thunder." The first burst of energy nearly caught Malachite's shoulder as he easily stepped out of the way, having to whirl around to avoid the shockwave of thunder that roared by
      . Overhead, the ceiling cracked once more, emphasizing the fact that it could go any minute.
      Pluto saw this and raised her staff, pointing it to the ceiling as the other Scouts began yelling off attacks. "Dead Scream," she said quietly, watching the tip of the staff grow into aringed circle. The energy exploded from the tip of the staff, whizzing by Malachite and blasting through the ceiling.
      The energy crumbled the ceiling into huge chunks, bringing it down, along with parts of the structure above the ceiling, raining down rubble on top of him.
      "What the ... " Malachite cursed, raising his hands to try to counter, but the rubble quickly overtook him, bringing him down to the floor roughly.
      Race topped the rubble pile quickly, attaching the VR eye piece to the downed Malachite. "Like shootin'fish in a barrel." He smiled widely, turning to give the thumbs up to Benton.

© 1997 Jiminy Cricket Presses

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