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One Million Miles From Home
by Korogi Nagisa

X-Japan by Yu*Yu*Hakusho Crossover

Brief Introduction to Yu*Yu*Hakusho (YYH)
-= Skip the Intro =-

Yu*Yu*Hakusho, directly translated means "White Book on Ghosts", more populartly called "Poltergeist Report" in North America and "Ghost Fighter" in the asias.

YYH is a supernatural anime that started out with the main character, Yusuke, getting killed 5 minutes into the ainime. Yusuke wasn't meant to die at all, so he was given a second chance at life by the son of the God of the Dead, Koenma. And due to the ordeal, Yusuke gained special powers.

Throughout the story line, Yusuke and his best friend Kuwabara meet up with two demons from Makai (Demon World) named Kurama and Hiei. Kurama is a fox demon, a Youko, and Hiei is a fire demon, a Koorime (Koorime actually means "Ice Demon", but Hiei was born a fire deamon within the ice deamon tribe and thus banished)

Throughout their adventures, the gang ends up in the Hades Path that connects all the demon worlds to both the Ningenkai (Human World) and Reikai (Spirit World, or Heaven). And this Hades Path, called Yomatsu Hara-Sakai is rulled by another Youko demon who later turns out to be Yo-mawari, Kurama's lost twin brother.

One Million Miles From Home.

One Million Miles From Home is based after the passing of X-Japan guitarist hide. One night, the remaining members of X-Japan show up on the Minamino's front porch, basically wanting to go visit their guitarist hide.

Yo-mawari eventually agrees to take the band to Yomatsu where hide has mistakenly ended up. But Yomatsu is a land of demons and strange influences, and several of the band members fall under Yomatsu's demonic influences and try to kill each other.

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