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Fic Title

The Roses of Pain
by Korogi Nagisa

X-Japan x Luna Sea x Malice Mizer x Marilyn Manson fantasy-horror fic

Brief Explanation of the Story
The Roses of Pain

The Roses of Pain is fashioned VERY loosely from the old Sandman comics. Mostly, the ideas of mystical powers and outer worldly people and such are idea's taken from the comic, but there is very little to do with the Sandman comics, other than that is where I got the idea for this fic. If ya get a chance, go out and read a few of the comics. It's one of the only English-based comics that's really kept me interested.

Mostly, this story more closely resembles X/1999, the anime by CLAMP. There are 5 members of a group of dimensional beings, kinda like X/1999's dragons of heaven and earth. One of the dragons brainwashed the Dragon of Water, Toshi, making him believe that another dragon, Yoshiki, is trying to destroy planet Earth.

WARNING: This piece contains lots of blood and violence, as well as YAOI.


Note: All the chapters are named after X-Japan songs

Chapter 1: Endless Rain
Chapter 2: White Poem
Chapter 3: Break the Darkness
Chapter 4: Silent Jealousy
Chapter 5: Scars
Chapter 6: Tears
Chapter 7: Kurenai, Blood Red
Chapter 8: Stab me in the Back
Chapter 9:Miscast (Not complete)