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The Roses of Pain

Chapter 9: Silent Jealousy
Sugizo cursed as Hide scampered back into his corner. For a moment, he sat and watched Hide crying uncontrollably in the corner, tears streaking down the small, gentle face to mingle with the blood from various gouges on his face and neck. Like a curious animal, Sugizo scooted in and tapped Hide's knee. "Did I scare you?" He crawled across the floor and cornered Hide, laying against him and kissed him again. This time, Hide didn't put up a fight. Instead, he lay slumped in the corner crying under Sugizo's kiss, defeated and drained. Sugizo drew back and frowned at his prey. "It's no fun if you don't fight," he smacked Hide's cheek playfully. "Come on, you." His only response was another round of sobs from Hide. Curiously, he scooted in again and wiped a tear bed from Hide's face. "Hide… you're no fun anymore." Hide's brown eyes turned up to Sugizo, blood shot from tears. "Please… hear me Sugizo. You're being brainwashed by Toshi." "Toshi?" the other laughed. "He couldn't tell his head from a whole in the wall…" "It's Raven then…" Sugizo frowned. "He's brainwashing you… Sugizo…" Hide pulled himself from the wall and took Sugizo's face in his hands. "This isn't real, Sugizo. We're stronger than Raven. He's the one who doesn't belong here…" Sugizo snarled violently and pushed Hide away, slamming the other roughly into the wall. "You're a liar! You've always been! Nothing but A LIAR!!" Sugizo took handfuls of his own hair and closed his eyes tight. "IT'S ALL A LIE!!" he screamed. Mana lead Gackt back into a room buried deep within the warehouse. It closely resembled the room Sugizo held Hide in, only a little smaller. "Mana, what's going on? If this has anything to do with me leaving Malice Mizer…" Camui tried to at least calm his own nervousness. Mana chuckled a feminine chuckle. "No, not really…" he reached into his purse and pulled out a knife. "I've always wanted to do this…" and he lunged at Camui. Sugizo sat in a pile on the floor breathing heavily. For a moment he was disoriented as he looked at the floor, slowly pushing himself up onto his hands. His face hurt. Upon wiping a hand across his face, he soon discovered that his nose was bleeding. "What in the…" He looked up to the room. "Where in the hell AM I?" The sobbing caught his attention and he turned sharply to see a figure sobbing in the corner, sprawled almost spread eagle. He frowned. So familiar… "Um.. hello," he called quietly, cautiously turning full attention to the figure in the corner. "Hi there… what's wrong? Where are we?" The sobbing figure shuddered violently and pulled his knees up to himself, burying his pink head in his knees. Sugizo saw the blood forming in small puddles beside the figure. "Jesus. Are you okay?" he got to his feet and went to the other's side, laying a hand on the sobbing shoulders. "Hello, I won't hurt you…" The figure squealed and broke from Sugizo, slinking down the wall to resume the same position. "Woah woah, there," Sugizo tried to be debonair. "It's okay. Hey… what's your name." Again he went to the figure's side and wrapped his arms around them so that they couldn't get away. "What's your name?" Sugizo petted the matted pink hair, smoothing the hair from the other's face. Slowly he reached his fingers under and began to tilt the other's head up. Hide's eyes raised to meet with Sugizo's. The other went ghost white… For a handful of seconds, it took Sugizo a short while to regain his senses. "This isn't happening… am … am I dead? Christ, you look like… no…" he shook his head to clear his visions before looking back. "God, you look just like Hide…" "I am Hide… Sugi-chan." Sugizo nearly fainted… he thought nothing could ever take advantage of his senses like that. "No… no, you're not Hide…" The other closed their eyes and buried their head back in their knees and started crying. "You're not Hide…" Sugizo denied again, fixing accusing eyes on the pink-haired figure. "He's dead." "Do I fucking LOOK dead to you, Yasuhiro?" Hide raised his head again, staring penetrating brown eyes at Sugizo Sugizo felt his heart almost stop. "God… this can't be… can't be…" Sugizo bit his bottom lip and reached out a finger. "No… Hide… you're dead… What the fuck happened to you?" Hide's thin eyes locked on the other's. "You did." "What?" Sugizo let his eyes fall to examine the cuts on the other' face, the purple and blue bite mark on his neck. "No… no…" Hide winced and took an uneasy deep breath. Sugizo's hands found Hide's face. "My god, what's going on here!!! Tell me now!!" Gackt felt his side split open. A numbing pain flowed over his body and he dropped like a lead weight to the floor. Mana suddenly felt odd… almost sick to his stomach as Camui hit the floor. A sharp chill ran over his entire body as he watched the thick puddle of blood begin to form under his old lead singer's form. "Odd…" he whispered to himself, the sick feeling in his chest starting to subside. Slowly, Mana reached forward and gouged a hole in Camui's arm… once again the feeling slid over him, the feeling of being alone in a dark alley with a rapist hiding in the garbage cans… a feeling of suddenly being sick to his stomach. Sugizo tried not to cry himself as he reached out and took Hide into his arms, cradling the man like a child in his arms. "Hide… I… it wasn't me… I don't know what happened. I remember talking to Toshi and Raven. That's it. As soon as I looked at Raven I forgot everything. He told me you and Yoshiki were trying to destroy the earth…." "Raven's behind this?" Hide whispered. "McVeigh?" "I think so. I don't know, you introduced me to him once… like 2 years ago. I don't remember what he looks like exactly. Maybe it's not really Raven…" "And Yoshiki?" "Toshi… he went with Toshi and the others." Hide finally managed to relax, his body nearly collapsing against Sugizo's body. "Christ, Hide I'm sorry. I didn't see you… I saw demons and visions of the end of the world. I saw Raven looming over me telling me to kill you or else… I'm sorry." He gently rubbed at one of the cuts. "I wish I could mend these…" he frowned. His mind raced with the realizations that had been brought back to his senses. He knew who he was… the Dragon of the Dead. He knew who the others were… "Yoshiki… we have to get you to Yoshiki. He can help you." "What about the others… what if they're in trouble?" Hide sat up and rubbed his eyes with a shaky hand. "Camui… that singer guy from Malice Mizer. Where's he?" Camui said nothing. Instead, he sat quietly on the floor as Mana stalked towards him. He tossed the knife to the bed and leaned down beside Camui, rasing the others head. "Look at me, Camui." Camui's impossibly blue-tinged brown eyes raised to Mana's painted face. A few spatters of brilliant red marked the white chinadoll façade of Mana. He managed a small smile, which only served to confuse Mana even more. "Is something funny, Camui? I'm going to kill you. Aren't you afraid of me?" "Then kill me already," he smiled a dry smile. Mana startled back a moment. "Camui…" "You can't kill me…" he whispered. "This isn't you, Mana. This isn't you talking. This is Raven talking." Again, Mana startled back. He glanced to the bed where the knife lay, watching as Camui's eyes fell silently back on the bed. Mana pounced on the bed like a cat, retrieving the knife and turning it on Camui's form from his possition on the bed. But Camui hadn't moved. Instead, he still sat on the floor in his own blood. He laughed to himself and slowly stood to his feet. The wounds on his chest and arm had stopped bleeding. "Mana…" he breathed. "This is not the way things will end." "What are you talking about?" A pound came to the iron door, drawing Mana's attention for a moment. That moment was all it took. Like a breath of wind, Camui glided across the room and took Mana's hand, fluidly taking the knife from the other's white-gloved hand. Mana startled back. He could go no place but to the corner where the bed met the wall. "Camui…" The other smiled, but turned from the bed and walked to the door. "I locked it, stupid," he snorted. Camui reached effortlessly for the door. The sound of a lock falling echoed through the room and the door opened. Sugizo and Hide spilled into the room like a burst damn, Sugizo making a clumsy stumble to his feet as Hide rear ended him. His eyes quickly surveyed the sceen: Mana was in a corner on the bed and Camui was smiling at them in the doorway. "May I help you?" "Get away from her!" Sugizo yelled, reaching forward to make a grab at Camui. "No, Sugizo…" Hide wrestled his friend back. "He's on our side… I think. Mana's one of the Dragons… I think Camui's his protector." "His?" Sugizo snorted and squinted at Mana across the room. "Ok, if you insist. One down…" Yoshiki sipped at a glass of water he was given.