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Korogi's X-Japan Fan Fics:

Featured: (Left to Right):
Pata - Guitar
Toshi - Lead Vocals
Yoshiki - Band Leader, Drums, Composition, Piano
hide - Composition, guitar, back-up vocals
Heath - Bass

X-Japan was a heavy-metal, visual shock band of the 80's and mid 90's that became one of the MOST POPULAR rock groups to ever come out of Japan. Their music ranged anywhere from thrasher-rock down to soft, piano ballads.

The band broke up mid-year of 1996. Each member went on their own solo career, but there's no question that the most successful of the members was hide

hide's career rocketed him into fame, outstreatching even that of X-Japan itself, even though he produced only 2 albums versus X-Japan's 10. hide created two bands, Japan-based "hide with Spread Beaver" and LA-based "Zilch".

Tragically, he produced one album each before hide passed away in his Yokosuka mansion in the spring of 1998 through mysterious circumstances... an apparent self-hanging.

The funeral turnout for hide was SO BIG that central Tokyo had to be shut down completely from the millions of mourning fans.

Shortly after the breakup of X-Japan, band leader Yoshiki began slaving tirlessly over Extasy Records, Yoshiki's Indies-lable company that has now spawned into Extasy International, a branch of Universal Records Japan.

For a time, Yoshiki was so distraught over the death of hide, his best friend, that Extasy almost fell into disrepair. But to this day, Yoshiki leads a healthy life in LA as a multimillionaire, producing such chart-smashing indie bands as Dir en Grey and Violet U.K.

The Fiction!

WARNING! Most of these stories contain shounen-ai (male-male love)

Masquerade - The J-Rock Invasion of Central Great Brittan ( humor)
- A sort of Monty-Python-ish 6-part sketch based on Phantom of the Opera and Monty Python & The Holy Grail, include a swak of other J-Rock bands

One Million Miles from Home (YYH x X Crossover)(Some violence, mild yaoi)
- The band members seak out the Minanimo twins (YYH) to visit their passed guitarist, hide.

Roses of Pain (X x Luna Sea x Malice Mizer Crossover)(Gothic horror, violence, yaoi)
- A gothic horror piece remotely based on the comics Sandman and CLAMP's X/1999 among the J-Rock bands listed above as well as Zilch and Marilyn Manson

Shadows of Darkness (X x Malice Mizer x Sierra Game Crossover)(Violence, Gothic horror, yaoi)
- Based on the Sierra Game Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, set in Mordavia, Romania.