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- Dragon Ball Movie Summaries -

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Movie 1: The Legend of Shenlong
This movie is sort of a retelling of how Goku began his adventures by meeting Bulma and the rest of the DB gang.

The evil King Emperor Gurumesu, wants money and riches just so that he can eat the finest, tastiest food. He wants the Dragon Balls so he can wish for all these delicious foods. To do so, he sends out two of his minions Pasta and Bongo. But as the story opens, Pasta and Bongo are using the quest for the Dragon Balls as an excuse to furiously mining and raping the countryside to gather up valuable Richi Stones.

Buruma still wants to wish for a nice boyfriend (Yamucha wants the Dragon Balls to wish to not be shy around girls so he can find a woman to marry), and ends up summoning Shenlon before Gurumesu can, but the daughter of the local mayor, Pansy, shouts out her wish first -- for the countryside to be restored to its original state prior to the discovery of Richi Stones. Shenlon does this, and causes the stones to disappear. Gurumesu becomes a normal deformed human that likes to eat apples, and Gokuu zips off to find the #4 Ball again (which was his grandfather's legacy to him).

Movie 2: The Legend of the Sleeping Princess

Goku's off catching fish for his lunch, zipping through the world on the Kintou cloud on his way to Kame-sennin's house. He arrives to find Kame-sennin droolong over the excersize program... again. But today, Goku's here on a mission. Today, he wants Kame-sennin to take him in as a student and train him.

And right about now, Kuririn arrives on shore (rather ungracefully) with the very same request, laden with dirty magazines to aid his cause. But Kame's doesn't want students... or least ways... we won't train them for free!

Kame wants a "cute chick" before he'll train any one of them. Specifically, he wants the Sleeping Princess from the Magic Castle in the west. Both Goku and Kuririn agree and set off... but not before Kuririn trips Goku to get the head start.

They both start swimming across the ocean with Goku clearly outswiming Kuririn (who later catches up because he's being chased my a shark). But all throughout the journey, Goku seems to be keeping one step ahead of Kuririn despite Kuririn's numerous attempts to thwart him down and take the lead.

And while our two pint-sized heros are matching wits, Kame's enjoying his dirty magazinws when Bulma and the gang show up to see Goku. Kame tells them the short story about sending Goku off with Kuririn to Magic Castle in the west, so the gang all decide to head off to find them.

Meanwhile, Goku and Kuririn reach the Devil's Hand, five ragged mountains sticking out of the mist that house the Magic Castle. They set off for the castle about the same time Bulma's air car makes it to the mountains and is weyleyed by monsters. The gang is taken hostage and the air car destroyed.

Bulma wakes up in the bed chamber of the owner of Magic Castle, Lord Lucifer, and his old withered servant. Bulma thinks that she's stumbles onto some haunted house tourist-attraction thing and falls for the master.

Right about now, Goku and Kuririn have reached the Castle gates t just in time to confront the monster army that's spilling out of the front gates for no apparent reason whatsoever. The army is obviously NOT after Kuririn and Goku, so the two are pretty much run over flat by the army before facing a giant monster (whom Goku mistakes for the Sleeping Princess). The monster attacks Goku leaving Kuririn to easily deal with the army who has suddenly turned an about face towards our two heros. Together, they single-handeldy take out the army, and Goku is left to finish off the monster while Kuririn takes off to get to the Princess.

Oblivious to the situation at hand, Bulma is being lead to dinner... too bad SHE'S the main course. It takes her a bit, but Bulma finally puts 2 and 2 together that this ISN'T a haunted house tourist attraction, as Yamucha and the others are busy wandering lost in the castle.

Goku runs off from the battle to save Kuririn, who's gotten himself in to trouble with a pterodactly. Together, they finish off the rest of the guards, including the monster.

Bulma's about to be dinner when Kuririn and Goku burst in right into the Sleeping Princess's bed.. a huge diamond... which is quickly stolen by Lunch, the psycho chick who's personalities change whenever she sneezes. Goku runs after her and get back the diamond when she sneezes, thus changing personalities and forgetting what she was doing. The guards attack and subdue Goku, thanks to a little pink monster bitting his tail.

Yamucha's attempt to save bulma fail misserably when Puar and Oolong's tranformation time runs out. The master returns with the diamond and awakes the Princess to destroy the sun once it rises. Too bad they need the full moon to do that. While Goku and the others are imprisoned in a wall of stone, Goku sees the full moon and transforms freeing everyone and trying to eat Lunch in a rather bad King Kong display.

Puar changes into a pair of siccors and cuts off Goku's tail, running for shelter as the youngster turns back into a little (quite naked) boy. Goku breifly wails over his tail, but Bulma is still in trouble. Lucifer is just about to use the princess to destroy the sun when Yamucha leads the rescuse party. With a blast of the Kamehame-ha, Goku (wearing Oolong's pants) destroys Lucifer's machine (as well as the rest of the castle) and saves the day.

Lunch comes back to the island with them all, where Kame thinks Lunch is the Sleeping Princess, until She snezzes and tries to blow him away with a sub machine gun. And thus ends Movie 2.

Movie 3: The Great Adventure of Wonders

Sorry... we haven't gotten this one up yet.