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- Welcome to X\S Anime's Dragon Ball Pages -

=Past Updates=

Oct 13 - The Movie Summaries link is up and running, but not all of the movie summaries (espec. for DBZ) are up!

Oct 12 - Our server address has changed! The new address is now:

Oct 1 - Yare yare. Tripod is STILL down. Finished linking the main parts of the site and have begun assembling the FTP server to host our MP3 colletion.

Sept 30 - Re-linked and re-wrote some of the Z Series Info sites. All are finished up to the beginning of the Jinzou-Ningen Saga

Sept. 29 - Pages start to come on-line, much to Tripod's dismay as they can't seem to keep their server running.

Sept. 28 - X\S Anime Dragon Ball is open to the public.

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