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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:24:06 -0600

This installment written by Korogi (Cricket aka Genshi no Korogi)

NOTE:  AGALAIHRA is a horribly long anogram (pronounced ah-gah-lai-ah-ra) meaning
Anything Goes As Long As It Ain't HR (Hopless Romanticism) or Angst)

Alina: Cool!  Can we go to Mars?
Isis: Wanna visit relatives?
*five heads pop outta the sapcecraft*
Lion: *SMACK!*  Now look what ya did, Sven!
Sven: Ow! Iz not miey fault!
Cricket: *wave wave* AHOY there, fellow insanity minions!  Hop aboard!
Leia: *gasp* It's the AGALAIAHRA'n people! Yes!  Another pass-the-fic!
Where we partying this time?
Alexis: The Duke of Earl challenged us to crack his 'associate'.  Wanna help?
Leia: Does it involve random acts of chaos?
Cricket: Like, do ki-powered chickens go CLUCK?

*at the stately Earl Mansion*

Duke: Ah!  Another fine, relaxing night.  No annoying door-to-door sales
men, no babbeling MLers ..
Dumbjock: Flying saucer!!
Duke: No ... FLYING SAUCER????
Duke: GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Hit the deck!!!!
Sparky: What the ... it's the spaceshuttle Columbia!
Lion: Nope!  It's the Insanity Warpspace All-Purpose, Nuclear-Powered space
Craft!!!  Courtesy Cricket Industries!
Brit: PARTY TIME!! *tosses various party supplies out of the space craft*
Duke: GAH!!  NOT AGAIN!!!
Alexis: Tah Dah! We're here, Duke!!!
Cricket: Alright, where is he!  Lemme at 'im!
Duke: But ... how... *THUD .. and he  promptly faints*
Isis: I know CPR!!
Lion: Man the shock-paddels!
Sven: D'I got life support!
Leia: Shameless ER sketch!!!

Alexis: Scalpal!
*a stray hand hands her a scalpal*
Alina: Forceps!
Brit: String!
Lion: Axe!
Leia: Lighsaber!
Cricket: Duct Tape!

*they all stand back and admire their work*

Pass it on!  Care to guess at what we created?

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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 22:17:59 -0700

This installment written by: Leia K Camar

Isis: Congratulations, it's a--
Duke: Thank goodness you weren't operating on me.
Brit: Cheap ratings booster.
Sven: Sveeps veek?  Isn't ze season over?
Isis: ANYWAYS! As I was saying. . .it's a--
Cricket: Transporter?!  I thought it looked an awful lot like my
Alexis: Now it doesn't matter that you totaled the spaceship.
Leia: Beam me up, Scotty!
Alina: Dost mine ears deceive me? Art thou attempting to bring more wacky
crossovers upon us?
Brit: Snap out of it 'Lina.  This isn't Shakespeare.
Lion: Hey, fellow chaos ensuers, isn't this supposed to have bleach-head,
or something else remotely JQ-related, here?
Cricket: Hey, Alexis, how about bringing out the JQ 2000 team?
*a scream is heard emanating from a newly-created portal*
Leia: Ow.  What did you do that for?
Alexis: You can't mention D-O-G-S around you-know-who.  Not yet, anyway.
Brit: Does it usually take so long for everyone to arrive through the
Lion: I don't think so.
Leia: Curious-er and curious-er.
Leia: Hey, whoever's doing that had better stop.
Cricket: Doesn't that usually only  happen  when Lion's writing the fic?
Brit: Put those lawyers down and nobody will get hurt.
Alexis: Why is it getting so hard to nab characters these days?  Hey,
where are you guys?!

pass the chaos. . .if you dare!

L.K. & co.

Andromedan Confusion Theorem:  "Remember, confusion is the most 
easily transmitted disease in existance; take all necessary precautions. 
Don't you understand?"

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