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>Akane: *nudges Jonny* Ahem! Jealous?
>Kodachi: Ranma-sama? Where are....JONNY-SAMA!!!
>Jonny: YAAAHH! You again!
>Nabiki: Hmmm....Kodachi never DID fight fair....

Kodachi:  There you are!  Jonny Darling!!
Mishelle: I thought I took care of your useless rose-throwing rear-end!
Kodachi: AHHH HAA HAA!!  The great Kuno family has many secrets!  None of
which I would ever share with the likes of YOU!!
Jonny: Ladies!!! Do you mind!  It's late at night, I've got a serious headache..
Mishelle (tosses Jonny out of the way): Get lost!! 
Kodachi: You toss my Jonny-sama around like an OLD RAG!
Mishelle: He IS and old rag!  Prepare to die, you wailing freak!!
        Kodachi and Mishelle stop in mid-leap
Soun: PLease!  No more fighting! (rivers of tears flowing out of his eyes) I
don't know how much more my dojo can take!!
Mousse: Fear not, Mr. Tendo.
Travis: Uh, who you talking to, four eyes?
Cologne: I think we just all need to sit down to a nice, hot cup of sake.

        All gathered around the low tabel
        Mousse is passing out drinks, muttering something about an 'old ghoul'
Cologne: Here Jonny.  I made this one especially for you
Jonny: No thanks ... I don't want ...
Cologne: Drink it, boy!
Jonny: FINE!!  I'm not responsible for my actions if I get drunk!
Cricket: Oh please!  (whips out the famouse Cricket Amaretto Cocktail) Try this!
Cologne: He will drink the SAKE!!
Alexis: Grief!  What's her problem.  You'd think she laced Jonny's drinks
with one of her love potions! 

        Jonny drinks the sake in two gulps
Jonny: YECK!! That is the most discusting stuff I've ever tasted!  It was
like drinking pickel juice!!!

Part 21

Jonny passes out cold
Mishelle: (smells the cup) He must have drunk somehting with the sake. *leans over Jonny, 
checking his breathing* Hmm..he's breathing normally, too. I think it was just a sedative 
of some kind....
 Jonny: *opens his eyes*........?
Mishelle: Hey Bleach-head, what happened to you?
Jonny blinks the cloudiness from his eyes
Mishelle: HELLO!! Earth calling Jonny Quest.  Warning!  Your brain is on fire!
Cologne: You'll thank me in time, Mishelle dear
Mishelle: Excuse me? ( somehting grabs Mishelle's hand)
Jonny: What lovely grey eyes ...
Mishelle: What did you say, idiot!
Jonny: They look like the sea after a storm
Mishelle: AHH!!!  She's turned him into Kuno!!!!
Mousse: Oh no, Not another one of those love potions of yours
Mishelle: Would someone PLEASE clue me in on what's happening!  Is this some sort of sick 
Kodachi: Jonny, darling!  What has that old ghoul done to you!!
Jessie: Are you feeling alright?  You look linda ... 
Mishelle: JOOOOONNNNYYYYY!!!  Get the hell away from me!!!!!
Jonny: I've never seen a more beautiful woman in my entire life.
        Mishelle tries to counter, but can't find words
Ranma: I knew it.  Those two WERE betrothed after all!
        Without a word, Mishelle kicks him into orbit, making yet another hole in the 
Tendo roof
Hadji: I do belive this will get ugly
Nabiki appears with a camcorder: Come on, Jonny!!  Kiss her!!
        everyone looks at Nabiki
Nabiki: Well, someone had to say it!
Jessie: Alright, you old ghoul.  You better give Jonny the antedote before he gets his 
arms ripped off!  You have no idea what you've just done!!
Cologne: I've only done what was meant to be
Mishelle: You little pogo-sticking jerkey stick!  If I ever get my hands on you...
        Jonny grabs her from behind and dips her
Cricket: Oh no, here it comes!!
Alexis: Everyone take cover!!
        Sandbags pop into existence around the dojo and everyone dives behind them, each 
wearing a comoflaged helmet.  Barbed wire is strung about in front of the sandbags and 
the hole room takes on a GI Joe theme.  Nabiki stands ready with her camcorder .... 

And Jonny kisses her ....


Travis: *blinks from shock* .....he's dead.
*Mishelle breaks off the kiss and slams Jonny's head on the floor*
Mishelle: *face red, from both embarassment and anger* HOW...DARE....YOU!!!!!
*pants breathlessly*
Nabiki: Oh Mishelle, honey! *waves tape around* I'll make you an offer....
Jonny: *detaches his head from the floor* Wha....what happened?
Mishelle: HOW _COULD_ YOU?! You....SEX FIEND!! *slams him back on the floor and
storms out of the room*
Bryce: Geez...she's as mad as heck?
Jonny: OH GREAT! I probably got drunk and groped her or something...bleeeeccchhhh!!!
Cologne: May I be permitted to speak?
Nabiki: Would you like to see EXACTLY what you did, Jonny?
Hadji: I think the shock will kill him!
Akane: Oh, wow! Ranma and I never got that close...drugs or NO drugs!
Ranma: Good thing I didn't drink the sake!
Cologne: That was a love potion, extracted from the root of an ancient herbal
aphrodisiac called "The passion root"
Jonny: *starts twitching* In other words.....
Bryce: Yep, you fell in love with her, man! You KISSED her, too!
*Jonny drops unconscious on the floor*
Cologne: Oh dear...I have to explain to him something else!
Claudette: Vraiment, what?
Cologne: That the "passion root" merely amplifies feelings that are ALREADY
*Everyone facefaults except Hadji*
Hadji: *rubs his chin thoughtfully* I think it is best if we don't..ah...reveal
this piece of information to the two of them. 
Travis: Like I said before, the shock could kill them both!!!


Everyone gathers around the low table for breakfast.

Ranma: Before we get started, I've got one important question
Travis: Yeah, like did Jonny make it through the night alive?
Ranma: No no no, stupid.  (glares at Akane and Cricket) YOU two didn't cook,
did you?
Cricket: Allow me the honor, Akane
Ranma: Uh oh! Shoulda kept my big mouth shut!
        (Cricket borrows the Interdimentional Mallet (tm) and flattens Ranma on
the spot)
        Mishelle wanders to the table and sits down.
Alexis: Good Morning, Mishelle.
Mishelle: Can someone pass the milk, please?
Jessie: Get much sleep last night?
Mishelle: Pass the salt.
 Hadji: Hmmm ... I belive she is in denile.  It is not just a river in Egypt
you know.
        (Through a clang of falling silverware, Everyone stops and stares at
Hadji: Sorry. I could not help myself.
        Jonny wanders in to the table
Jonny: I think I've got the flu
Cricket: Or majic-boy here's just hung over from the sake!
Alexis: Drink some orange juice.  Asprin will just make it worse (Jonny
begins to down a glass of OJ)
        (No one notices the huge TV set Nabiki has rolled into the room)
Nabiki: Hey Jonny!  Want to see something really scarry?(Hits play)
        Jonny appears in the TV set behind Mishelle.  His image sneaks up on her,
grabs her from behind, dips her and plants a semi-passionant kiss on her)
        Jonny coats the room in sprayed orange juice
Mishelle: AHHHH!  Give me that tape!!!
Nabiki: For a price.
Mishelle: Don't mess with me!!   Give me the damn tape!!!!
Jonny: Oh good lord.  I think I'm gonna be sick!!
        (Nabiki rewinds the tape and plays it over again)


*Everyone scrambles for safety as Mishelle's battle aura surrounds her body*

Mishelle:*she sighs and her battle aura begins to fade*
It's no use, even if I was able to get that tape, there's BOUND to be a copy,
somewhere. *stands up and walks out of the room* And everyone's seen it anyway,
so why bother to pay for it? I'm going back to bed....oh, Travis, you BETTER
not have finished those SEDATIVES!!!
Travis: Um....thereinthepocketofmy jacketinmyroom pleasedon'thurtme!!
Tai-Lee: I have never seen her so upset! It looks like what Cologne did was too
Hadji: Or she's probably in denial.
Ranma: Hmm...kinda makes you wonder....
Akane: What?
Ranma: *grins evilly* What if she's angry because now she'll NEVER know if
Jonny really feels that way about her?
*Ranma does the patented Takahashi Three Fingered Gesture with a tea table on his head*
Mishelle: WHY...YOU.....IDIOT!!! *launches Ranma to orbit*
Bryce: Looks like she's back to normal...if not as dangerous as ever!
MIshelle: *glares at him* DON'T you start! *storms out of the room*
 Jessie: Oh, well.....someone pass the salt!

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