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Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 21:02:19 -0600
From: Cricket
Subject: JQ: Sailor Jonny: Prologue

Okay ... as promised, here's the Prologue to my insane SM/ JQ crossover

JQ: I don't own any of the Quest team. All characters pertaining to 'JonnyQuest' are owned and trademarked by Hanna-Barbera, and are in no way affiliated with this fic.

SM: I don't own the Sailor Scouts, or any of the characters in 'Sailor Moon'. All characters pertaining to 'Sailor Moon' are lisensed trademarks of TOEI Animation Co. Ltd., and this company is no way affiliated with this fic.

All characters herein are fictitious: any similarities to persons, living or dead is pureley coincidental ... although I couldn't imagine ANYONE resembling these characters!!

~~~~~Special thanks to Alexis for letting me use the JQ 2000 team, and to Erin for letting me use her idea! Thanks!


      Silence. And thank the maker for it!
      Jonny drifted just within his own private dreamworld, passed out from just returning from Tokyo, Japan 10 hours earlier. He was aware that he was waking up, but he forced himself to continue sleeping, his tired eyes refusing to open. He hadn't felt this comfortable since...
      "WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" Jonny's eyes shot wide open, as the alarm clock broke into existence just inches from his ear. He laid there, wide awake now, for a few seconds, calming himself from the sudden shock.
      Quickly, he reached a handover and swatted the alarm clock into silence, knocking it completely off the bed stand to land with a dull 'klang' on the floor.
      The sleepiness over took him like a tidal wave, and he groaned, rolling over to burry his head under his pillow. Quickly he dozed off, drifting back into dream-land .. or so he thought ...when heavy footsteps shuffled up to his door and beat ferociously upon it.
      "Jonny! Up-and-at-'em!" Race yelled through the door. "We're leaving for Tokyo in three hours ... again! Come on!"
      "Go away," Jonny groaned, trying to hibernate under the pillow. He heard the door fling wide open and he sat straight up.
      "GET UP, IDIOT!!!" Mishelle Jenks yelled at the top of her lungs, framing the doorway before Race.
      "AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Jonny jumped about three feet into the air, missing the bed on his way down to land in a pile of legs and sheets beside his bed. "GEEZE!! Don't you ever knock?" he growled.
      "Never. Now get a move on it!"

      Jessie slid tiredly into a chair at the table, yawning widely. " 'Morning,guys," she said, trying to wake up.
      " 'Morning Jess," said the entire table before her. She looked around the table ... five people all sat around it ... six, as Mishelle slid into place to finish herbreakfast. Travis and Bryce, the Crenshaw twins were each warfing down their respective meals, Claudette was doodling on a sketch pad, and Tai-Lee was helping Hadji bone-up on his Japanese.
      From the study, Benton Quest shuffled in, neat and tidy as usual, but definately tired. "Is everyone all packed?"
      "Yup," came a collective responce.
      "Why are we all going to Japan, Dr. Quest?" Travis asked through his eggs, spitting food pieces on his twin.
      Bryce hauled off and back-handed his brother in the stomach, causing Travis to inhale his mouthful of eggs. "Don't talk with your mouth full, lame-brain," Bryce said as Travis began coughing up his breakfast.
      Dr. Quest scratched his head. "Agent Kiko Mie of the Japanese Intelligence Bureau never really said ... but the last time we were in Tokyo, it was ... " he paused to choose his words carefully. The new members of the team hadn't been told about what exactly happened in Tokyo just a few months ago ... " it was for a pretty urgent reason," Benton finished carefully.

      Eight hours later, the Dragon Fly once again set down smoothly on one th International Airport's runways, taxiing carefully to a designated port.
      Race removed his headset and threw it into the comartment. "Here we go again," he complained to Dr. Quest as they unbuckled from the cockpit.
      Jonny, Jessie and Hadji had just finished their respective 'horror stories' of their last trip to Tokyo as Race and Benton filed by to unload the equiptment and luggage.
      "Well, from all these stories," Bryce said, slinging his back-pack over his shoulder, "this should be a walk in the park. Nothing could get more insane than what I've just heard!"
      "Oh, Jonny, mon chere!" Claudette cooed, latching on to Jonny's arm. "It must have been so terrible!"
      "Uh .... hey, leggo!"
      Benton poked his head into the passanger compartment. "Hadji. Tai-Lee. Could you two lead off and get us through the airport?"
      "Hai, Dr. Quest," Tai-Lee put in first. "It would be my pleasure."
      It took the entire 10-man team about half an hour to navigate their way through the airport terminals, get their luggage and load it into awaiting cabs.
      "Dr. Quest," Mishelle asked, tugging on Bentons coat sleeve. "Exactly where are we going? The Japanese Intelligence Bureau is on the other side of town, according to these maps."
      "Actually, we're meeting Agent Mie at the site of our last mission ... in one of the suburbs."
      "Don't you think that's a bit odd?"
      Jonny leaned out from the trunk of a cab. "You gettin' cold feet?"
      "Shut-up, chicken-soup head!" she yelled, smaking the trunk door. It slipped of the up-right lock and slammed down on Jonny's rear-end, knocking him totally into the trunk, closing behind him.
      "Help!! Lemme out!!" he pounded, muffled from inside the trunk.
      Dr. Quest gave a worried look, and continued the conversation with Mishelle.
      "Looks like chaos will follow on this trip also," Jessie said, reaching into the cab and releasing the trunk.
      Jonny jumped out immediately, planning to head-down Mishelle and give her a piece of his mind ....
      "Jonny, m'amour!!!!" and Claudette cut him off. "Are you okay?"
      Jonny struggled against Claudette's grip of death, glaring down Mishelle who only smiled evil, continuing to gab with Dr. Quest.
      The cabs dropped the team off in a down-town residential area before taking off to unload the luggage at a nearby hotel.
      It was a farily peacefull looking place, but Jonny, Jessie and Hadji recognised it immediately as the temporary portal into that alternate dimention known as the Negaverse.
      "Y'know, I don't get it," Travis said, looking around. There's no one here."
      "That's odd," Benton said, looking around himself.
      "Kiko said he'd meet us here," Race put in, tugging on his shirt. Everyone soon became restless, eagerly and suspiciously glancing around the residential area.
      "I have a bad feeling about this," a restless Hadji added.
      "... and we all know Hadji's premonitions are never wrong," Tai-Lee quietly added, surveying the sidewalk area.
      Benton looked down to his watch, digging it out from under his sports coat. "Ki's got ten minutes."

      Somewhere, five school girls, all dressed in their school uniforms, raced quickly down the sidewalks, dodging morning pedestrians and stray dogs. "That is the LAST time we go to your temple for a fire-reading before school, Rei!" Makoto panted as the group continued down the sidewalks.
      "Really ... I had NO idea it would take that long!" Rei answered back, out of breath.
      "We're all going to be late!" Minako screamed. "Ms. Haruna's going to have kitens!!!"

      Mamoru shoved his hands into his pockets as he stepped out of the gate to his apartment complex, off on his merry way to work at the local movie studio.

      ... and elsewhere, three college students bolted out of the coffe shop and down the sidewalks. "I don't believe this!" Hakura growled. "We're going to be late for final exams!!"

      Benton sighed as his watch beeped 7:30. "Where is he? Ki should have been here half an hour ago." He looked up and surveyed the streets before him.
      "Missing someone?" a deep, grumbling voice put in. The entire team whipped around as a whole. Standing proudly in the middle of the sidewalk stood a tall,thin man with shoulder lenght blue hair. He grined evily, regarding each memberof the Quest team with a cold look.
      "Who the heck are you?" Jessie blurted out.
      "He he," Mishelle smirked. "Hey Jonny, someone with uglier hair than you!"
      "Shut up, Alpo-taste taster!"
      "Why don't ya make me, Bozo The Clown wannabe!"
      "My my, such tempers!" The man bowed slightly. "Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Ghale, servant of the Negaverse" And with that, he reached behind his back and produced a small, glowing sphere. "I'm really not one for grand speaches, so I'll make this quick! There's a little matter at hand ... the destruction of the Quest team!"

      "We are SO late!!" Ami whined, leading the five around a corner ...

      "AH! I'm going to be late for work!" Mamoru yelled, stepping up the pace...

      "We're gonna miss exams!!"

      The Quest team all took defensive possitions as Ghale set the globe he had for destruction.
      "Just you try it, dweeb!" Jessie threatened, staring down the Negaverse goon.
      "Oh? And who's going to stop me?"
      "We are SO late!"
      "AH!! I'm going to be late for work!"
      "We're gonna miss exams!!"
      The three groups of hurrying people smashed head-long into the Quest Teama nd the Negaverse person all at once, sending people flying in all directions in a flurry of hands and feet, an enourmose light encasing them all as the Devastation Globe exploded ...
      The light faded quickly.
      Then there was silence.
      Jonny shook his head, picking himself off the ground and dusting off his shirt and jeans. Then, as if he had just remembered something, his eyes shot wide open. "OH NO!!! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!" he bellowed, reaching down to nab Mishelle and Jessie.
      The two girls got slowly to their feet before being dragged down the sidewalk as Jonny spead off at warp speeds.
      Claudette and Tai-Lee shook the stars from their heads as they got to their feet. "Wait for us!!!" and they took off after him.
      Race straightened his shirt and groaned a little ... then looked down to his watch. "Great! Now I'm REALLY late for work!!!" and he ran off.
      Travis, Bryce and Hadji all looked at each other and then declared in one voice: "EXAMS!!!" and bolted.
      The remaining group of girls, Mamoru the Nega-goon and Dr. Quest just looked at each other.
      "Um, what just happened here?" a girl with blonde pigtails asked ... in Jonny's voice! The girl looked down to the school uniform. "AAHHH!!! I'm a girl!!!!!"
      The Nega-goon got to his feet, holding his head. "Oh my ... that hurt!" He looked up. "Race! Jonnny! Hey, where is everyone?"
      Behind them, a car screatched to a hault and a tall man hoped out, running frantically across the road as Dr. Quest's body picked itself up off the pavement. "What in the world just happened now?" Dr. Quest growled ... but it wasn't Dr. Quest's voice.
      Agent Kiko Mie ran over and bowed quickly to Dr. Quest. "I am VERY VERY sorry I am so late, Dr. Quest!"
      "Who the hech 'er you, fruit-cake?" Dr. Quest's body yelled.
      Ki was quickly confused.
      "Agent Ki?" Ghale's body stepped forward. "It IS you! Where have you been?"
      Ki gave the tall man with blue hair a strange look. "Um, who are you?" he asked the man.
      "It's ME! Dr. Benton Quest!" the Negaverse body said.
      "Is this some kind of joke?" Ghale looked down to himself ... gasped, and quickly looked back up, pale in the face. "Oh dear! It seems we've all switched bodies!"
      "Will someone tell me what the heck just went on!!" Mishelle's voice bellowed from Rei's body.

---he he ... and now begins the chaos

© 1997 by Jiminy Cricket Presses.

This piece is free to be archived by JonnyQuest List Members only, as long as my disclaimers are attached in full.

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