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Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 12:58:05 -0600
From: Cricket
Subject: JQ: Sailor Jonny: Part 2

As usualy, the standard disclaimer as seen in the prlogue to this fic applies here too!

Warning: This piece is a crossover unlike any other (Thankfully!). Be prepared for highly abnormal stuff, so don't flame me!


      "AHH!!!" Jonny yelled, racing around the school yard fence, dragging Jessie and Mishelle. "LATE AGAIN!!! Why can't school start at a reasonable time?"
      Ms. Haruna sighed heavily, looking down to the class roster. "And ... this doesn't surprise me.. . Usagi is once again la ...."
      "MS H!!!!" someone yelled from the hall.
      A tall, blonde-headed boy burst into the classroom dragging behind him two girls. He promptly ran face first into the book case, spinning around to bash over the hamster aquarium and then knocked over everything in existence as he foundhis way to his seat. "Sorry I'm late, Ms. H! But you'll NEVER believe what ... "
      "Who in the WORLD are you?" Ms. H bellowed, pointing a finger at the three teens.
      Mishelle shook her head and got to her feet. She looked around quickly and scowled, picking up a rather large book and slamming it over Jonny's head. "Way to go, Meatball-head! You drug me to the wrong school, Usagi!!"
      She/he got to he/his feet, bowed and quickly picked her/his way over Jonny's path of destruction and ran down the halls.
      Jessie groaned and sat up. "Good grief, Usagi. Do you think you could warn us next time you're going to drag us off to school?"
      Jonny giggled slightly.
      "ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!" Ms. H boomed, growing to immense proportions before them. The entire class grew tear drops and sank down in their seats.
      "AHH!! It's me, Ms. H! Tsukino Usagi!" Jonny panicked, hiding under the desk.
      "Get out of my class room!!!"
      Jonny and Jessie looked at one another ... I mean REALLY looked at one another.
      "AAAAAHHHHHH!!! YOU'RE A GUY, USA-KO!!!!" Jessie yelled. The entire room fell in the patented Takahashi three-fingered gesture. (I know,wrong anime!)

      Race ran off down the sidewalks, the movie studio in clear view. "I'm gonna be late!" he huffed, stepping up the pace. He gripped the post of the studio gate and swung around, searching through his pocket for his set-pass. "Great! Where's my pass!" he cursed, running up to the guards.
      "Hold it right there, sir," the guard said, raising a hand.
      "Hey Suko," Race smiled, still fishing around in his pockets. He pulled out a wallet.
      "I can't find my set-pass. I must have left it in the car."
      The guard looked Race over suspiciously. "Exactly who are you, and how do you know my name?"
      Race opened the wallet without looking at it and thrust it to the guard. "You remember me ... I'm Mamoru ... " he stopped short, staring at the green and blackwatch that blinked in the sunlight. He shook his vision and retracted the wallet, searching through all the photo ID's of a man with short, white hair and a red shirt. Then he looked down at himself. "What the ... this isn't what I had on this morning!"
      ... Then he looked to the reflection in the glass of the booth. The man with white hair and a red shirt's reflection stared back at him. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

      Makoto ... or better yet ... Makoto's body began frantically searching the brown sailor uniform. "What the heck just happened?" Jessie's voice whined from Makoto's body.
      "That's what I'd like to know!" Travis' voice huffed from a tall woman with sea-green hair's body. "Is this some sort of sick joke? I'M A WOMAN NOW!!"
      "No surprise there," Bryce's voice answered from the tall, green haired woman beside him, Setsuna.

      Mamoru's body huffed loudly. "Ok, who's responsible for this?" Race's voice yelled.
      Agent Ki stood dumbfound, volleying strange glances between the group of people before him.
      Behind them, Benton's body began to sneak off, hopefully un-noticed.
      "HE'S GETTING AWAY!!" Benton yelled from the Nega-goon's body. "GET HIM!!!" and the group of strangers ran off after Benton.
      Ki stood in the middle of the sidewalk, grew pale and fainted.
      Bryce, Travis and Hadji burst through the doors to their chemistry lecture room and quickly took seats. "ID's please, gentlemen." the professor asked them, extending his hand.
      " 'Gentlemen' ?" the three guys asked at once ... then they looked to each other.


      The three guys burst to their feet and raced out of the lecture room, leaving the entire room completely baffled.
      Bryce slid to a stop. "We're GUYS!!" he screamed, drawing weird glances from the students around him.
      "It must have been that odd flash of light when we first ran into that group of people!" Hadji said.
      "You mean we all switched bodies????" Travis panicked, drawing even more strange and bizarre looks from the students in the hall.

to be continued ... maybe

... have I confused you yet? Here's the list of who's switched bodies with who:

Jonny: Sailor Moon/Usagi
Mishelle: Sailor Mars/ Rei
Jessie: Sailor Jupiter/ Makoto
Claudette: Sailor Venus/ Minako
Hadji: Sailor Uranus/ Haruka
Travis: Sailor Neptune/ Michiru
Bryce: Sailor Pluto/ Setsuna
Benton: Nega-goon (Ghale)
Race: Tuxedo Mask/ Mamoru

© 1997 by Jiminy Cricket Presses

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