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- Welcome to X\S Anime's Dragon Ball Pages -


Jan 22 - New Index Page Obviously you had to stumble across the new index page, right? It's the latest brainchild to spawn from the depths of the Mad Psyentist. Give her a round of applause. CLICK HERE to see it.

Jan 19 - Episodes on Myspace So far, eps 1-6 and 120-130 are up on Myspace. Check them out under Multimedia.

Jan 16 - Episodes & Movies moving We're moving the Episodes & Movies COMPLETELY off the servers and into My Space to relieve traffic. Pls. be patient as everything isn't available yet.

Jan 15 - New Episode Summaries We're gettin' back into the Thumbnail Episode Theater. Episodes 21-25 are up.

Dec 9 - Z Episodes are Moving We're moving the Z Episodes off the server and onto My Space due mainly to the fact that there's more traffic in Z Episodes than we can shake a stick at! Check out the "Full Episodes" link in the Multimedia section.

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